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Best FC 24 Goal Celebrations

Best New Celebrations In Ea Fc 24

We're delighted to announce that EA FC 24 has upped the ante with 16 exhilarating new goal celebrations, a substantial increase from the previous year's count of 13. These celebrations are set to bring an extra layer of joy, flair, and competitiveness to your gameplay experience. Let's delve into the details of these new goal celebrations that are bound to elevate your FIFA experience.

Who is this Guide for

This article is for anyone who plays EA FC 24 and loves to celebrate their goals in style. With 16 new celebrations, there's something for everyone, from the simple "Bye" to the more complex "Cat Scratch." And for fans of some of the biggest stars in football, there are even signature celebrations.

All the New Celebrations in FC24 and How to do them

Celebration PlayStation Xbox
No Look R1 + Rotate Right Stick clockwise twice RB + Rotate Right Stick clockwise twice
Bye L1 + R3 (Right Stick) LB + Right Stick
All Ears L1 + Triangle LB + Y
Guns Out L1 + Square LB + X
Cat Scratch L1 + Right Stick (flick left twice) LB + Right Stick (flick left twice)
Workout L2 + Double Tap Square LT + Double Tap X
Faking It L2 + Right Stick (flick left twice) LT + Right Stick (flick left twice)
Rock On L2 + R3 (Right Stick) LT + Right Stick
No Agility L2 + Full counterclockwise circle with Right Stick LT + Full counterclockwise circle with Right Stick
Finger Lock Run towards the camera Run towards the camera

1. "No Look" - The Art of Deception

Imagine scoring a goal with a touch of flair and trickery, just like Marcus Rashford. To perform the "No Look" celebration on PlayStation, simply press and hold R1, and then rotate the right stick twice in a clockwise direction. Xbox players, replace R1 with the RB button and execute the same right stick movement.

2. "Bye" - Leaving Your Opponent in Awe

A simple yet effective taunt, the "Bye" celebration can be initiated by holding the L1 button on PlayStation or the LB button on Xbox, and simultaneously pressing the right stick (also known as R3 on PlayStation).

3. "All Ears" - The Messi Celebration in FC24

Emulating the legendary Lionel Messi, this celebration brings a touch of the World Cup to your FIFA matches. PlayStation users can trigger it by holding L1 and pressing the triangle button, while Xbox players should hold LB and press the Y button.

4. "Guns Out" - Flex Your Muscles

Flex your virtual muscles with the "Guns Out" celebration. On PlayStation, simply hold L1 and press the square button. Xbox enthusiasts should hold LB and press the X button to initiate this dynamic celebration.

5. "Cat Scratch" - For Those Who Dare

While not everyone's cup of tea, the "Cat Scratch" celebration offers a unique choice. To execute it, hold L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox and flick the right stick to the left twice in quick succession.

6. "Workout" or "Think" - Rashford's Signature Move

For fans of Manchester United and Marcus Rashford, this celebration is a must. To bring it to your screen on PlayStation, press L2 and quickly tap the square button twice. Xbox players should utilize LT and double-tap the X button for the same effect. If you scored with Rashford himself, just press X or A.

7. "Faking It" - Play Mind Games

Keep your opponents guessing with the "Fake It" celebration. Hold L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox and flick the right stick to the left twice.

8. "Rock On" - Add Some Edge

For those who like to add a bit of edge to their game, the "Rock On" celebration is a great choice. On PlayStation, hold L2 and press the R3 button. Xbox users, hold LT and press the right stick for this cool move.

9. "No Agility" - Unique to Specific Players

This celebration is for players with low agility, such as Casemiro or Virgil Van Dijk. To pull it off, hold L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox and perform a full counterclockwise circle with the right stick.

10. "Finger Lock" - A Camera-Friendly Celebration

To trigger this celebration you simply need to run towards the camera. From my experience 20% of the time the celebration does not trigger, you need a little luck to make it happen, but when it happens, it's all worth it.

Signature Celebrations in EA FC

But that's not all! EA FC 24 introduces signature celebrations exclusively designed for some of the biggest stars in football. When scoring with one of these players, just press X on Playstation, or A on Xbox.

Player Celebration Controls
Cristiano Ronaldo Siu! X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox)
Sam Kerr Barça Celebration X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox)
Mohamed Salah Salah Shuffle X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox)

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