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EA Sports FC 24: The Complete Guide to PlayStyles

ea fc 24 all playstyles

PlayStyles has taken over the old Traits system that has been a part of FUT since FIFA 20. These PlayStyles offer players distinct skills that align with their real-life abilities to create a more authentic football experience. Let take a deep dive into all PlayStyles in FC 24 and what their effects are.

Best PlayStyles in FC 24

It's impossible to determine the best PlayStyles in EA FC 24 as each PlayStyle affects players differently, but here's our top 5 PlayStyles that we think impact the player the most:

  1. Finesse Shot
  2. Quick Step
  3. Long Ball Pass
  4. Dead Ball
  5. Power Shot

Furthermore, the Trickster PlayStyle enables players to perform unique skill moves that are not available to those without this PlayStyle, even if they already have 5-star skill moves.

If you remember In FIFA 23, the Trivela was a popular scoring method, and it has now become a PlayStyle in EA FC 24. While it may look fancy to score with the Trivela, there's always a better PlayStyle option.

All EA FC 24 PlayStyles

These PlayStyles are categorized into Scoring, Passing, Ball Control, Defending, Physical, and Goalkeeper. In total, there are 34 unique PlayStyles available and each will have a PlayStyle+ variation that enhances the regular PlayStyle effect.

PlayStyles are utilized across all game modes, including Ultimate Team, Clubs and Career Mode, providing a fresh method to customize your player.

PlayStyles+, What's the Difference?

PlayStyles+ elevate these unique skills to an exceptional level, bringing your player to new heights. They exemplify the abilities of top-tier players and enable them to perform at a much higher level.

Good luck on the field!

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