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S14 Highest Winrate Champions

If you're looking for the next Champion to play in League of Legends, then you're in the right place. I have compiled a list of 2024's highest winrate Champions in Season 14 and the most up to date strategy to use with each one of them.

Scroll down to find your lane (or jungle) and pick one of the Champions there. They're guaranteed to give you an edge, proven by their winrates, because these Champions are the strongest in today's meta.

Best Top Lane Champions

darius top lane


Win Rate: 53% | Ban Rate: 11%

Maximize your champion's potential by weaving auto-attacks into your combos, especially before triggering Crippling Strike (W) since it resets your basic attack. Remember, Darius struggles with being kited, so consider flanking during team fights to minimize harassment. And when trading blows, opt for prolonged engagements to fully exploit Darius's Hemorrhage Passive.

malphite top lane


Win Rate: 53% | Ban Rate: 8%

In the early game you're a bit squishy. No worries. Scale up and shine in the mid to late game. Steer clear of duels, especially against early-game powerhouses, unless you know you can win the matchup. Instead, wait for the opportune moment to strike in team fights, whether it's setting up multi-person knock-ups or taking down the enemy carry.with Unstoppable Force (R). Just remember, without Unstoppable Force (R), you're not bringing a lot to the table.

garen top lane


Win Rate: 52% | Ban Rate: 2%

If you're being lane bullied, just wait until your Passive kicks in, granting you some much-needed health regeneration. Courage (W) can be your lifeline against crowd control and burst damage, but use it wisely, saving it for crucial trades. And don't forget, you can cut short Judgment (E) to finish off enemies with some good ol' basic attacks before unleashing Demacian Justice (R) for the final blow.

morde top lane


Win Rate: 52% | Ban Rate: 5%

When it's time for team fights, prioritize targets wisely with Realm of Death (R), aiming to neutralize the biggest threats to your team. Build up the Indestructible (W) shield before diving into skirmishes—it could be the difference between victory and defeat. And keep an eye on those pesky ranged champions; bait out their dashes before reeling them in with Death's Grasp (E).

Best Jungle Champions

briar jungle winrate


Win Rate: 53% | Ban Rate: 21%

Use Ultimate Certain Death (R) proactively to secure kills in the mid-game. Target vulnerable enemy champions or those lacking defensive abilities during team fights for easier takedowns. Coordinate with allies before engaging in fights to avoid getting isolated.

Volibear jungle winr ate


Win Rate: 53% | Ban Rate: 12%

Keep the minion wave nearer to your side early in the game for advantageous trades. Approach enemy laners closely before activating Thundering Smash (Q) to ensure effective crowd control. Try to get a lead in the early game to make a big impact in mid and late game.

Master Yi jungle winrate

Master Yi

Win Rate: 52% | Ban Rate: 15%

Focus on jungle farming in the early game to get gold and experience until you get your Ultimate Highlander (R). Prioritize soloing objectives like Dragon or Void Grubs when your allies have control nearby. Be strategic with your Alpha Strike (Q), using it to evade enemy abilities and crowd control effects.

Kha'Zix jungle win rate


Win Rate: 52% | Ban Rate: 6%

Kha’Zix is effective early in the game. Engage in skirmishes and ganks to gain an advantage for yourself and your team. Kha’Zix excels in one-on-one combat, especially against isolated targets. Consider invading the enemy's jungle early on to disrupt their progress. At levels 6, 11, and 16, you can evolve your abilities, usually starting with Taste Their Fear (Q).

Best Mid Champions

Ahri mid winr ate


Win Rate: 54% | Ban Rate: 32%

Always focus on reducing the enemy's health before going all-in. In team fights, first protect your team. When enemies step too far or get caught out, go all-in. If you can't kill enemies in your lane, push and roam with your Ultimate. Ahri's great at roaming, so do it actively.

Karma mid winrate


Win Rate: 53% | Ban Rate: 39%

When using your Inner Flame (Q), aim to hit both the enemy and the minion wave to push and harass simultaneously. In team fights, prioritize using your empowered Inspire (E) over your empowered Inner Flame (Q) for its valuable shield. Utilize Inner Flame (Q) to harass opponents early in the game. Leverage your level 1 abilities for early damage output.

Sylas mid winrate


Win Rate: 52% | Ban Rate: 7%

Think twice before using Abscond / Abduct (E) in lane to avoid enemy Jungler ganks. Stealing enemy Ultimates with Sylas' Hijack (R) can change the game, so choose wisely. Use your Passive for more damage.

Aurelion Sol mid win rate

Aurelion Sol

Win Rate: 53% | Ban Rate: 5%

Use Astral Flight (W) carefully for fights or escapes, and check the map first! Look for chances to roam and help your team. In team fights, focus on picking off enemies with Singularity (E) and your Ultimate.

Best ADC Champions

Smolder bot winrate


Win Rate: 53% | Ban Rate: 64%

Be careful with your W, especially if enemies haven't used their CC abilities yet. Wait until level 2 to trade with enemies and consider taking E for early fights. Attack enemies to upgrade your Q quickly.

Senna bot adc winrate


Win Rate: 52% | Ban Rate: 23%

Don't use Dawning Shadow (R) in the middle of a fight; it takes time to charge and leaves you vulnerable. Save Curse of the Black Mist (E) for ganks; it's not useful mid-fight and costs a lot of mana. Be aggressive at level 1 to damage enemy laners.

Miss Fortune adc winrates

Miss Fortune

Win Rate: 52% | Ban Rate: 3%

Before using Bullet Time (R), make sure you're safe from enemy attacks. Use Double Up (Q) on minions in front of enemy champions for extra damage. Stick with your team to avoid being caught out alone.

Ashe adc winrate season 14


Win Rate: 52% | Ban Rate: 4%

Use Hawkshot (E) to scout enemy jungle for your team. It helps spot enemies and jungle camps. Initiate fights with Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) on isolated enemies. If you see an opportunity, shoot your Arrow through the map to help teammates in other lanes or objectives.

Best Support Champions

Janna support winrates 2024


Win Rate: 54% | Ban Rate: 6%

As Janna, stick with your ADC and use all your abilities to protect them. Push away engaging enemies with your Ultimate. Stay with your team to avoid being caught out alone. Focus on protecting teammates over warding alone. In lane, harass enemies using your W and basic attacks, especially after they waste abilities.

Maokai support winrate


Win Rate: 53% | Ban Rate: 17%

Before using Twisted Advance (W) as Maokai, ensure your ADC can follow up. Place Saplings (E) in bushes while roaming to scout for vision or in bot lane bushes for extra coverage. Use Nature's Grasp (R) in team fights, then protect your ADC afterward.

Blitzcrank support winrates


Win Rate: 53% | Ban Rate: 23%

Hold off on using Rocket Grab (Q) until enemies use their dash or movement abilities to make landing it easier. Avoid grabbing tanky enemies in team fights; focus on squishy champions or carries. Pay attention to matchups.

Pyke suport winrate


Win Rate: 52% | Ban Rate: 13%

Time your Death From Below (R) based on enemy cooldowns, especially Flash. Wait for enemies to use mobility spells before initiating with Bone Skewer (Q). Pyke is excellent at roaming; don't hesitate to leave your ADC to assist other lanes if an opportunity arises.

Now that you know which Champions are the strongest in Season 14, you also know which Champions to watch out for! Each matchup is different, so play to your strengths and be mindful of your weaknesses. Every once in a while you'll get counter-picked by the enemy team, and you'll just have to play your best knowing that you'll eventually rank up with these select picks in your Champion pool.

Good luck on the Rift!

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