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The Return of League Arena Mode

By Marijn Laros | updated On Nov 22, 2023, 3:20 PM UTC


League of Legends enthusiasts, rejoice! The highly-anticipated Arena game mode is making its grand return in December 2023, and it's bringing along a host of exciting changes and enhancements. Riot Games developers held an engaging "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session on Reddit, shedding light on the future of this thrilling game mode. In this article, we'll delve into the most intriguing details shared during the AMA and explore what you can expect when Arena returns later this year.

November 22, 2023 Update

There is an expectation in the LoL community that Arena is coming back earlier than we initially thought. Since Nexus Blitz is currently the game mode in rotation, players are suspecting that Arena is coming back latest on November 27th, 2023, as Nexus Blitz is shifted out. But we'll see about that. You can expect this article to be updated with the latest information as it gets released.

Until then, here's a Google Document created by @MadnessHeroo on Twitter for you to learn about ALL the changes in Arena since it went live on the PBE test servers:

Google Document:

Riot Games Developer Video

In the developer's video, they outline an exciting blueprint for the future of the game, which gives us some clear indications on what we can expect. Wondering what's on their top priority list? Let's unravel it: 

  • Augments: A clear focus is dedicated to the development and use of augments.
  • Improved Champion Viability: They are heavily invested in boosting the potential and functionality of different champions.
  • Map Adjustments: An intriguing point brought forth is a forthcoming wave of map tweaks and enhancements.
  • Playing with More Than One Friend: Making the game more social is high on the agenda, with particular attention given to enabling gaming sessions with multiple friends.

The Reddit AMA with Riot Games Developers

During the AMA on Reddit, Riot Games developers shared some exciting insights into the future of Arena, ranging from amusing augments that were removed before the first launch, to potential game mode expansions.

Game Mode Expansion

There were discussions about expanding the Arena game mode to accommodate more than two players or creating custom games. While the developers expressed their desire to make it happen eventually, they faced challenges due to complex code limitations in the client. However, if the game's popularity continues to soar, they intend to allow more players and integrate it into custom games. Just imagine the excitement of playing with a full pre-made lobby of friends!

LoL Arena Becoming a Permanent Mode?

The burning question on everyone's mind is whether the Arena game mode will become permanent. While the developers are pleased with its current state and its popularity, it's still early to make a definitive call. It could follow the path of Nexus Blitz and other game modes that saw initial enthusiasm but declined over time. To increase the chances of it becoming permanent, they encourage players to keep enjoying it.

New Augments and Maps

There are already plans for new augments, promising more excitement in future updates. When it comes to new maps, the developers mentioned that map creation is challenging, but since Arenas are smaller than Summoner's Rift, creating new maps should be more manageable. They expressed enthusiasm for adding new maps or modifying existing ones in the future. Additionally, the cameos for Soul Fighters are tied to this event and may be replaced if the game mode becomes permanent.

Removed Augments

Firstly, let's take a look at some of the interesting augments that the developers said had to be removed:

Shitake Happens: This Prismatic Augment caused deadly mushrooms to spawn randomly in the arena during each round. Anyone could detonate them, but only you could see them.

lol arena prismatic augment had to be removed

Flicker: With this Gold Augment, you would automatically teleport to a random location within the arena and become invisible for one second at the start of combat and every 13 seconds.

Pass a Fist: While using this augment, you couldn't attack, but your ally gained 50% of your Attack Damage and attack speed, and their attacks triggered your own hit effects.

Ranking System

What sets the Arena mode apart is its ranking system, making it more replayable as you strive to improve your rating. Climbing the ranks is relatively easy, with generous point gains for wins and a substancial loss for fourth place. In my opinion, this game mode should be kept permanent with frequent updates like new maps and augments. 

Balancing Challenges

Balancing champions for this mode presents a challenge due to its unique nature and the duo format. Some champions have clear advantages in the arena setting, leading to repetitive champion picks. Balance adjustments, both nerfs and buffs, will be necessary, just as we see on Summoner's Rift.


In summary, the League of Legends Arena mode is set to make a triumphant return in December 2023, bringing with it a plethora of exciting changes and enhancements. The recent Reddit AMA with Riot Games developers has shed light on the game's future, from amusing augments to potential expansions and new maps. While the question of permanence remains unanswered for now, the developers are eager to keep improving the mode based on player feedback.

As we eagerly await the return of Arena, it's clear that Riot Games is committed to delivering an engaging and dynamic experience for League of Legends players. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to dive back into the Arena later this year for some epic battles and thrilling moments!