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Calculate Your Time Wasted on LoL

Sure, it might seem like you spend an eternity sitting in a League of Legends queue (only to be auto filled into a game with 5 jungle mains).

But have you ever actually calculated your total amount of time wasted on LoL?

Some people think that they have, only to find out that the apps or sites that they’re using to track their total number of League of Legends hours played is completely wrong. It can be a frustrating experience.

So for your benefit, we’re going to skip the clickbait and start this article off with a 100% foolproof way to track your time wasted on LoL. And only after we spring this trick on you will we mention some of the simpler, but less accurate methods available to you.

So strap in, because your about to drop a truth-bomb on yourself as you calculate your time wasted on League!

The Most Accurate Way To Calculate Your Time Wasted On LoL

The other guides on this subject might not tell you this, because they assume you’re just some airheaded Mundo onetrick who can’t handle anything remotely technical. [Editor’s Note: We sincerely apologize to the Mundo one tricks reading this. We know that only 80% of you are airheads.]

Allow us to introduce you to ActivityWatch.

Over the long term, ActivityWatch is a great way to track your total time wasted on LoL.

Yes, it really is as cool as it looks. ActivityWatch will track your exact amount of time running the League of Legends client. That means all loading time, all queue time, and all game activities from draft to the post-mortem are taken into account.

As long as you don’t sit there with the client open for no particular reason (don’t do this, by the way, memory leaks are a thing), activity tracking apps like ActivityWatch are the most accurate ways to calculate your time wasted on LoL. Better yet, you can compare that time to other activities (which you may or may not conduct simultaneously with your League play).

The reason these reports are more accurate than anything you’ll find on the net is that they don’t rely on third party API access to Riot’s servers. So while web based utilities may severely overestimate (or underestimate) your time spent on League, this time tracker will sit in the background and pull in accurate stats day after day.

You can then compile these stats season after season, year after year.

Technical note: If you happen to play Teamfight Tactics, that takes place in the same client… so technically some of the time you wasted on LoL was actually wasted playing TfT.

This is your own fault, if you really think about it.

Calculating Your Time Wasted On League This Season

If you just want to look at your short term stats, Riot actually provides a way to view your time wasted on LoL this season.

It couldn’t be simpler. Go into the League of Legends client, click on your profile, then click on the stats tab.

In the lower left, just below your season stats for your number of games played, you’ll see the number of days you’ve wasted on LoL! If you mouse over that stat, you’ll get a breakdown of hours spent in the various possible game modes.

Now believe it or not, this figure might not be as accurate as the method we talked about above. That’s because it’s not really clear what’s being tracked between queue time, character select time, match loading time, play time, post game analysis, etc.

It’s almost certainly only counting ‘logged in’ time, meaning the time wasted loading up or rebooting the client isn’t added in.

So depending on what you really want to measure, the in-game profile stats tab might be your best bet.

But what about a multi-season, potentially highly inaccurate breakdown of your time wasted on League, even prior to you installing some cool client side software?

Using WOL.GG To Track Your Time Wasted On LoL

Wasted on LoL is a fund, somewhat accurate way to track your time in League.

It might not be totally accurate. In fact, some people say it’s fairly inaccurate in completely random ways. But it’s a website, it’s quick, and it’s effortless. You get what you pay for!

The site is, also known as Wasted on LoL. It’s a utility created by Redspawn so that you can waste your time by calculating how much time you’ve wasted on League!

Just type in your Summoner name, select your region, and click the big friendly search button.

Wasted on LoL, and every other statistics website related to League, is limited by how much API access Riot allows. So don’t be shocked if the results aren’t totally accurate. As long as it gives you a ballpark figure, be happy.

What If I Just Want A Rough Estimate Of How Much Time I Spent On League?

This time, LeagueOfGraphs has your back!

You can use their typical game length stats for a more accurate calculation that is restricted to actual time on the rift. In other words, your time wasted in queue and in the lobby is not included in these figures.

LeagueOfGraphs will give you exact averages based on your tier, but a rough estimate would be 30 minutes per game for Iron - Gold, 27 minutes per game for Plat - Diamond, and 25 minutes per game Master and up.

Then you just grab your total game numbers from any of the analytics sites, like OP.GG for example. Some quick multiplication, and you’ve figured out your time wasted on LoL… or at least your time wasted on the rift.

Don’t get us started on calculating average queue times. It depends on your tier, region, and the options you select… but it’s always too long, right?! You can always use the ActivityWatch method mentioned first to get some hard stats on your total time in the Riot client, if you want some sobering news.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to track your time wasted on LoL, ask yourself this: Will it really change anything? Is this a ‘scared sober’ situation where knowing these figures will cause you to waste less time on the game? Or is this just proof that those are rookie numbers, and you’re making plans to waste more time in League?

Either way, we hope that these statistics and methods have been helpful to you. How about you join us on Discord to discuss your findings and waste some time with us instead of with Riot?

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