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League of Legends Arena 2v2 Game Mode

All you need to know about the LoL Arena in 2024

arena mode lobby new updates to the mode

The developers of League of Legends Arena game mode announced exciting updates in April 2024. While the new game mode is available on PBE (Public Beta Environment), it is confirmed to launch on live servers very soon!

Arena Mode Live Release Date Tracker:

May 1st, 2024 (Read More)

The Arena will then be available until September 2024, unless it becomes a permanent game mode by then.

We’re continuing to explore how we could make Arena a permanent mode, but that's going to take us some time to experiment.

—Eduardo “Riot Cadmus” Cortejoso, Product Lead for Modes

Updates in LoL Arena

8 Teams (2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2)

The player count of the Arena is being doubled, from four teams of two players to eight teams of two —a total of 16 players. This increase brings a wider diversity of team compositions, strategies, and scenarios, making each game feel less repetitive and more distinct.

league of legends arena scout your enemies

The UI of Arena mode is also undergoing changes to improve your ability to inspect the enemy teams and keep better track of everything happening in the game. The tab scoreboard will now focus on the team you're up against, showing their items, match history (Win/Loss) and Augment selections. To see information about other teams, simply click on their team icon on the right side.


The available Augments hasn't changed much since the previous edition of Arena, except for minor stat changes. Find the full list of Augments here.

Prismatic Items

These unique items serve as Champion-defining tools that allow players to build creative and unconventional strategies that were previously difficult to pull off. Unlike regular items, Prismatic items are not purchasable through the in-game shop. Instead, they will be presented to players during specific rounds, similar to how augments are acquired.

prismatic items in league of legends arena mode

See all new Prismatic Items that we extracted from the PBE server.

Another way to unlock Prismatic items, is through purchasing Anvils.


These purchasable consumables offer three randomized selections within specific categories. Similar to the way augments are presented, players can re-roll these selections, but note that the number of re-rolls are shared with Augment selections.

There are three main types of Anvils available: Prismatic, Legendary, and Raw Stats.

  1. Prismatic Anvils offer a randomized choice between all Prismatic items.
  2. Legendary Anvils provide a randomized choice between Legendary items within the desired category, which follows the existing shop classification for classes such as mage, tank, support, etc.
  3. Raw Stats, or Stat Shards, offer randomized choices for raw stat upgrades.

buy items with anvil choices in lol arena

The introduction of Anvils brings an element of randomness to item builds, aiming to increase the variety of builds. Players can choose to take risks and save up for a second Prismatic item or opt for a safer approach by investing spare income in a reliable choice. Managing gold wisely will be a key factor in your strategy to come out on top.


The old maps are still there and one new map is introduced.

The Koi Pond

This map offers a refreshing twist, adding a unique challenge to your gameplay. Unlike the traditional maps, accessing certain areas of the Koi Pond can be challenging and may require some planning.

leageu of legends koi pond new map lol arena

One of the key features of the Koi Pond map is the "Bloom Bridge". This "bridge" in the middle of the map opens and closes throughout the match, allowing players to go walk between the three round islands. If you're not careful, you might find yourself stuck in a unfavourable 1v1, or worse.


This time around, we have Thresh, Pyke, Sett, Lux and Jhin. Everyone seems happy with the choice to exclude Cameos such as Gwen, Samira and Shaco.

Thank you Riot!


At the start of each round, you'll be presented with Augments, Stat Anvils, Prismatic items as well as rounds where you get to purchase anything from the shop. Here's what you get on each round:

1st Round: Augment + Starter Item (+500g) 

2nd Round: Raw Stats Anvil + Boots (+500g) 

3rd Round: Prismatic Item (+0g)

4th Round: Buy round (+2500g)

5th Round: Buy round. (+2250g) Winning teams get +20hp & 1 lucky dice.
Losing a round now cost -30 Team HP.

6th Round: Augment (+0g)

7th Round: Stat anvil (+0g)

8th Round: Buy round (+2250g)

9th Round: Augment (+0g) Winning teams get +20hp & 1 lucky dice.
Losing costs -40 Team HP.

10th Round: Stat anvil (+0g)

11th Round: Buy round (+2250g)

12th Round: Augment (+0g)

13th Round: Buy round (+2250g) Winning teams get +20hp & 1 lucky dice.
Losing round costs -50 Team HP.

14th Round: Buy round (+2250g)

Ranked & Matchmaking

The first two weeks in May 2024 will be played without a ranking system for the developers to see how the mode plays out without a leaderboard. After the initial two weeks, the Gladiator Points are reintroduced while they continue to work on a proper ranked system that we're all excited to learn about once the developers are ready to shed more light on the Arena Ranked System.

Matchmaking Restrictions

You can queue up with friends up to 8 players, or go in as a full premade lobby of 16.

league of legends arena mode lobby client

Note: when queueing up with a full lobby, there will be no changes in rank or MMR.


Quitters rejoice! A heavily requested feature, allowing you to give up early and forfeit the game if you're getting utterly dominated, or if nature calls.

Overall, this update promises an engaging and dynamic experience in Arena that surely will keep me playing, and I really hope it will become a permanent game mode. Either way, you can trust that we here at GameChampions will continue our mission to provide you with the latest Arena updates.

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