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The Return of URF in LoL

By Adan Cabal | updated On Nov 30, 2023, 3:26 PM UTC


Ultra Rapid Fire (URF): Our Favourite Game Mode’s Anticipated Return 

Ever wonder when Riot will bring back one of our favorite game modes, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF)? We've all been eagerly awaiting that, haven't we? Riot, as we know, does not habitually launch multiple new game modes concurrently or within close proximity of each other. So, this sets the stage for our burning question: When is URF coming back? 

Difference between ARURF and Regular URF 

Before we delve deeper, let's take a moment to distinguish between ARURF (All Random Ultra Rapid Fire) and regular URF. URF, in essence, gives players the liberty to choose their champions, while ARURF assigns a random champion to each player. Isn't it exhilarating to think about URF games? They are a spectacular maelstrom of rapidly executed abilities and relentless skirmishes. 

URF return 2023

What's on the Horizon for LoL Players? 

League of Legends (LoL) players, be prepared! There's more excitement beyond just URF. The much-anticipated return of the LoL Arena is slated for December 2023. Can't you almost taste the growing anticipation? 

So, are we likely to experience the thrill of URF before the grand unveiling of the revamped LoL Arena? The response to that remains shrouded in mystery. It may surprise some, but the probability of witnessing the One For All or Nexus Blitz mode come available ahead of URF adds another twist to the plot. 

Why URF Has Become an Iconic Part of League of Legends

Ever wondered why URF has gained an almost cult-like following among League of Legends enthusiasts? Let's dissect what makes this game mode so iconic and irresistible. 

The heart of Ultra Rapid Fire, fondly known as URF, lies in its speed and surreal combat dynamics. Imagine a game full of adrenaline-pumping action where cooldowns are more of an afterthought than a limitation, mana and energy never run out, and champions move as if they've strapped rockets to their boots! This is the heady, intoxicating realm of URF. 

  • Non-stop action: With decreased cooldowns, URF facilitates rounds of unrelenting action, making matches exhilarating experiences that keep players returning for more.
  • Champion prowess: The enhancements in URF enable champions to tap into their power like never before, transforming them from formidable fighters into veritable demigods on the battlefield.
  • Strategic flex: The fast-paced nature of URF pushes players to the edge, demanding split-second decisions, tactical finesse and strategic expertise. It's an exciting test of a player's wit and skill.

Remember, in the heart-pounding arena of URF, every second counts, every move matters. Bet you can't wait to dive back in.

Awaiting the Return, But Enjoying the Present 

In conclusion, as we hover in this cloud of uncertainty, let's not forget to relish the array of activities and game modes that Riot has up its sleeve. Regardless of whether it’s ARURF or the return of One For All, don’t fret. We'll be right here to present you with the latest updates. 

So, are we about to see URF back on our screens soon? That's a tantalizing question. Ultimately, only time, and Riot, hold the answer.