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The Return of URF in League of Legends

when is urf back in lol

If you play League of Legends, you might be curious about the return of your favorite gaming mode, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF). The last time URF was available was in February 2024 until March 11, and there could be a long wait until we see it again.

When is URF back in LoL?

While the exact date of URF's comeback is impossible to say right now, we can make educated guesses based on the game mode rotation pattern and a bit of research. URF is part of a bunch of extra game modes that rotate in and out of League of Legends and since there's quite a queue of game modes, we don't expect to see URF back into the rotation for a while, not until these following game modes have been rotated in and out first.

  • The One for All mode made its reappearance in March 2024 just after URF was rotated out.
  • In the coming months, we expect the revamped Arena game mode to come back with a new 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 format, now featuring 8 instead of 4 teams with 2 players in each. 
  • There are hints of a new game mode that will be rotated in after Arena. Designed to give a unique spin to the League of Legends gameplay and is said to be a more casual experience.

This was all confirmed on January 5th in an official League of Legends dev video:

Although we can't mark a date on the calendar just yet, rest assured that your much-loved URF mode hasn't been forgotten and will make a return. Eventually.

Difference between ARURF and Regular URF 

Let's take a moment to distinguish between ARURF (All Random Ultra Rapid Fire) and regular URF. URF, in essence, gives players the liberty to choose their champions, while ARURF assigns a random champion to each player.

Why URF Has Become an Iconic Part of League of Legends

How did URF gain an almost cult-like following among League of Legends players? Let's dissect what makes this game mode so iconic and irresistible.

The heart of Ultra Rapid Fire, fondly known as URF, lies in its speed and surreal combat dynamics:

  • Non-stop action: With decreased cooldowns, URF facilitates rounds of unrelenting action, making matches exhilarating experiences that keep players returning for more.
  • Champion power: The settings in URF enable champions to play like never before, supercharging any and all champions.
  • Strategic flex: The fast-paced nature of URF pushes players to the edge, demanding split-second decisions, tactical finesse and strategic expertise. It's an exciting test of a player's skill.

Bet you can't wait to dive back into URF, and neither can I.

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