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NBA 2K24: How to Alley-Oop

From Clueless to Clutch, how this Guide Made Me an Alley-oop Guru

Want to dunk like a pro in NBA 2K24? Alley-oops are your key. This guide makes you an alley-oop master in no time. We'll cover everything you need to know, from easy button presses to becoming a highlight reel machine!  

How to Alley-Oop

Initiate an alley-oop pass by double-tapping the lob pass button (Y on Xbox, Triangle on PlayStation). Use the left stick to select the receiver for the pass.


Double-tap the button while running towards the basket to throw the ball to yourself for a dunk.

Bounce Pass Alley-Oop 

Want to perform a flashy move? Press A+B on Xbox or X+O on PlayStation, and use the left stick to direct the ball for a bounce pass alley-oop.

Here's a quick reference table in case you forget the Alley Oop controls

Alley-Oop Type XBOX PlayStation
Initiate Alley-Oop Pass Double-Tap Y Double-Tap Triangle
Self-Alley-Oop Double-Tap Y (While Running Towards Basket) Double-Tap Triangle (While Running Towards Basket)
Bounce Pass Alley-Oop A+B (Then Use Left Stick to Aim) X+O (Then Use Left Stick to Aim)

What Exactly is an Alley-Oop?

It's a flashy play where one player throws the ball in a high arc toward the basket, and a teammate finishes it off with a dunk or layup. It's crowd-pleasing and surprisingly simple to execute but timing, player positioning, and abilities are crucial for it to work.

Why Master the Alley-Oop?

Because it's awesome! It adds excitement to your game and can turn the tide during a close match. It involves one player throwing the ball near the basket for another teammate to jump, catch, and score – typically with a dunk! 

Timing is everything! Mastering the timing on the dunk meter during an alley-oop can result in a more spectacular finish.

Mastering Timing with the Dunk Meter

The dunk meter is your friend! For successful dunks and alley-oops, time your button press (X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation) to get the indicator close to the white line for a successful slam or alley-oop completion.

Tips that will make you an Alley-Oop Guru

These tips go beyond the basic double-tap and dive into advanced NBA 2K24 strategies:

  • Pick dunkers who are exceptional at it. LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, or Giannis Antetokounmpo are players with better stats.
  • Boost your lob success rate by equipping the Special Delivery Badge, or improve your overall alley-oop game with the Aerial Wizard Badge.
  • Use bounce pass alley-oops (Xbox: A+B, PlayStation: X+O) and baseline backdoor cuts to surprise the defense and create scoring opportunities..
  • Utilize the pick-and-roll play to create space and communicate with your teammates using in-game features to call for lob passes or pick-and-rolls.

Alley-oop your Way to Victory

At this point you should have all the info needed to be be an alley-oop master! Now it's just about practicing in game. Experiment with different teammates, and soon you'll be a highlight reel machine, leaving your opponents in awe and the crowd cheering your name. 

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