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Ninja's Net Worth in 2024

Ninja’s Revenue: How Much Money Does the Iconic Fortnite Streamer Have?

tyler blevins net worth how much money does ninja streamer have

Ninja is one of the most well-known streamers in the world, known for his insane gameplay in multiple games. But how much has the streamer earned throughout his career? 

Tyler Blevins is not just your average guy, he’s Ninja, one of the most famous streamers in the world and known everywhere. Even non-gamers know him thanks to his slightly embarrassing New Year's Eve “I’m not seeing enough movement” fiasco that turned into a meme. 

Having grown a streaming empire and created his own brand, the once simple streamer has become a household name, but with that also comes money. So, how much has Ninja earned, and what is his estimated net worth? 

Ninja’s Revenue

I put on my thinking cap and did some math to find the most accurate estimation possible regarding Ninja’s net worth. So, what did I calculate, and how much is the star worth?

ninja revenue in 2024

Firstly, I took a look at his partnerships. There are quite a few brands that are partnered with Ninja currently like G FUEL, Red Bull and even Adidas. Of course, there are also some partnerships Ninja likely wants to forget about, like the deal with Mixer, which earned him between $20 and $30 million. A lot of money but also a huge failure considering that the platform closed down one year later.

Oh, and I cannot forget that he’s even managed to snag small movie roles like his cameo in Free Guy featuring Ryan Reynolds. That should also bring in some cash, eh? 

Of course, these sponsors and partnerships aren’t the only way Ninja earns his keep. His main occupation is streaming, which he continues to do regularly. Not too long ago he accidentally leaked how much he earns in a single month from streaming on Twitch. In just 30 days, he managed to rake in around $143,000. 

He’s also quite active on YouTube, which is estimated around $90,000 a month. So, overall he could be earning around $200,000 monthly depending on how often he streams and how many people tune in. 

Ninja is able to gain the highest profit margins by streaming on multiple platforms as well. He’s also got his own merch lines and shop as well where he can make some extra cash. 

So, now that I’ve outlined where his money is coming from, it’s time to estimate how much all this is even worth. What is his net worth? I estimate, taking the huge Mixer deal into account, that his net worth sits around the $40 million mark. 

This estimation is based on his monthly earnings, his sponsorship deals and how much they could be worth. It’s also well-known that he lives in a huge 6,700 square foot mansion in the Chicago suburbs, which he moved into in 2018 at the height of his popularity. 

That’s why, taking all this information into account, $40 million seems like a decent estimation of Ninja’s net worth.

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