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Finding out how tall OW characters really are

Overwatch 2 All Character Heights

Welcome back, Overwatch fans! Today, we're diving deep into a topic that's often overlooked but crucial to our understanding of the game dynamics - the heights of Overwatch 2 characters. This may seem like simple trivia, but knowing character heights can actually provide strategic insights for each match. Curious yet? Without further ado, let's plunge into this intriguing aspect of character design. 

Overwatch's diverse cast not only contributes to the visual variety in the game's dynamic, fast-paced matches, it's also crucial to gameplay. Understanding the physical differences between characters can give you an advantage in your strategy.

To keep things organized, we'll break things down by class. We'll start with Damage characters, followed by Support, and finally, Tank. Within each class, we'll go in alphabetic order. Here is a quick overview: 

Damage Character Heights

In the Damage Character category, there's a significant height variance. Let's take a look: 

Name Height
Ashe 1.7m
Bastion 2.2m
Doomfist 2.18m
Echo 1.6m
Genji 1.75m
Hanzo 1.75m
Junkrat 1.9m
McCree 1.85m
Mei 1.6m
Pharah 1.8m
Reaper 1.85m 
Soldier: 76 1.85m
Sombra 1.65m
Symmetra 1.7m
Torbjörn 1.4m
Tracer 1.65m
Widowmaker 1.75m

Bear in mind, these measurements are assumed based on character models without considering additional accessories, headgear, or footwear, which might technically add a few inches to a hero's height. 

Support Characters Heights

Let's dive into the realm of Support characters, the unsung heroes consistently behind the scenes, always ensuring a well-balanced team dynamic. Notably, within the Overwatch universe, these characters vary greatly in terms of height, a feature often overlooked but nevertheless an integral part of character design and gameplay functionality. 

Character Height
Ana 1.65m
Baptiste  1.88m
Brigitte 1.75m
Lúcio 1.61m
Mei 1.6m
Mercy 1.7m
Moira 1.93m
Zen 1.5m
Lúcio 1.60m
Zenyatta 1.72m

Above provided are the heights of our support characters. One exceptional thing to note here is that the heights of characters in Overwatch aren't strictly for cosmetic effect; they can also impact gameplay, such as how large a target is for enemies or how well a character can hide behind terrain or barriers.

Tank Characters Heights

We can't overlook the towering figures known as the tank heroes. These heroes not only make an impressive appearance on the battlefield, but their heights also play an integral part in their gameplay. Therefore, it's paramount for you to know the height of every tank hero to help plan your strategy better. Let's dive in! 

Character Height
D.Va 2.08m (1.65m when ejected)
Orisa 2.3m
Reinhardt 2.26m
Roadhog 2.2m
Sigma 2.16m
Winston 2.2m
Wrecking Ball 2.13m (1.0m when ejected)
Zarya 1.95m

Despite Hammond's large size in the mechanized state, his smaller size without the mech comes with its own advantages. His petite form can be a challenging target for the enemies to hit while using his grappling hook ability or when scrambling to safety while his mech is in critical condition. 

How does the height of the characters in Overwatch 2 affect gameplay?

Height plays a significant role in Overwatch 2, affecting gameplay in various ways. Size differences between characters influence many aspects, such as visibility, hitbox size, and the ability to use specific elements in the field. Let's delve into it. 


Firstly, the height of your character greatly impacts your visibility on the battlefield. Taller characters such as Reinhardt or Roadhog provide a larger visual presence, often making them the first targets in team battles. On the contrary, shorter characters like Torbjörn remain relatively conspicuous, allowing for more stealthy gameplay. 

Hitbox Size 

Similarly, the size of a hero's hitbox, the area which can be targeted by enemies, is directly proportional to their height. This implies that taller heroes have larger hitboxes, making them easier to hit and hence, potentially take more damage. And vice-versa, a smaller hero like Tracer has a more compact hitbox, making them trickier targets to strike. 

Terrain Usage 

Another key aspect is the characters' ability to use the terrain to their advantage. For instance, Hanzo and Widowmaker, though not the tallest, can reach higher ground and vantage points due to their abilities, creating leverage in terms of the line of sight. 

Are there any disadvantages to playing a shorter character in Overwatch 2?

When it comes to playing a shorter character in Overwatch 2, you may be thinking all the advantages lie in their corner. Their smaller size may make them harder to hit; they might be more agile and able to navigate the terrain furtively. However, that's not entirely the case. Playing as a shorter hero in this team-based multiplayer FPS presents its own set of challenges that can make the gaming experience quite dynamic, to say the least. 

Inferior Line of Sight 

A shorter elevation in the game can often lead to a decrease in the line of sight for your character. Above all in a game like Overwatch, where scenarios often involve multiple levels and platforms, being shorter puts you at a disadvantage because it's so much tougher to spot other heroes and keep abreast of the opponent's strategies. 

Restricted Reach 

Another disadvantage that shorter heroes face is their general lack of reach. This means that taller characters with lengthy weapons or extended melee attacks tend to have a dominant edge in face-to-face combat as they can land their attacks from a safe distance. As a smaller character, it means having to work that much harder to close the distance and land those vital hits to subdue an adversary. 

Limited Area Coverage 

Let's not forget that when it comes to area damage or effect abilities, shorter heroes have a smaller radius of coverage, which again, places them at a disadvantage during face-offs. 

All in all, while it might initially seem beneficial to head into the fray with a smaller character for their assumed nimbleness and harder-to-hit stature, playing a shorter hero in Overwatch is a double-edged sword. You will face just as many, if not more challenges due to your smaller size, forcing you to strategically navigate these distinctive setbacks and transform them into strengths.


Who's the Shortest Hero in Overwatch 2?

Wondering just who is the shortest hero in the Overwatch 2 roster? It’s the one, the only - Torbjörn. Despite being a robust and experienced engineer, Torbjörn stands at a dainty 1.4 meters, or about 4 feet 7 inches. Quite the contrast to our tallest heroes, don't you think? 

Who's the Tallest Hero in Overwatch 2? 

When it comes to height, it's the colossal Omnic hero Orisa topping the roster in Overwatch 2. Boasting an intimidating stature, Orisa stands at 2.26 metres (7 feet 5 inches) tall. Designed to maintain peace in Numbani, Orisa, with her daunting height, undoubtedly proves her presence on the battlefield. 

Remember, size isn't everything in Overwatch 2. While she's the tallest, height in-game doesn't necessarily translate to character power or capability. Much of the game relies on tactics, teamwork, and knowing how to best utilize each character's unique skills and abilities.

What is the average height of the Overwatch 2 characters?

After analyzing the diverse roster of characters in Overwatch 2, you might wonder about the average height of the heroes, regardless of their roles. Well, let's dig into that. 

The average height of an Overwatch 2 character, including every hero from all three roles - damage, support, and tank - is 185cm or about 6 feet and 1 inch. This is significatnly higher compared to the average height of people worldwide: 176 for males & 163 for females - sourced from Our World in Data Organization

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