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Browse the RAREST skins in League of Legends

Consider yourself lucky if you own any of these super rare skins

rarest skins in lol

There are over 1,650 skins in League of Legends and the list continues to grow. But which skins are so rare you barely ever see them in game? I’ll go over the rarest skins in League of Legends so you know whether your account is worth a lot. 

League of Legends is a free to play game, but we all know that money has to come from somewhere for Riot to continue making new content, right? That’s where skins come into play, because these purely-cosmetic additions is where the money for new LoL content comes from. 

While most skins are in the game client for sale, there are other skins that cannot be obtained anymore. But which cosmetics belong in this category of extremely rare League of Legends skins? That’s what I’ll show you today. 

The Most Rare Skins in League of Legends

Some skins are not available for purchase anymore, making them, and any accounts that own these skins, quite valuable for collectors. So, which are the most sought after skins? 

Rusty Blitzcrank

rusty blitzcrank rare skin league of legends

Oh Rusty Blitzcrank, every League of Legends players has probably heard of the myth and legend of this chroma… sorry I meant skin. This skin was so bad it was quickly removed from the League of Legends skin shop and never brought back. 

This is also the only non-legacy skin to have ever been removed from the shop. Basically, there was no real difference between Blitzcrank and Rusty Blitzcrank, which means that players were up and arms when they realized. Thankfully, Riot removed this scam from the store, but now any account that still has it, can be sold for hundreds of dollars. 

The PAX Skins – Twisted Fate, Sivir, Jax

PAX TF league of legends rare skin

In 2009, 2010 and 2011, Riot gave out free skins for fans who came to their booth at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). In 2009 Riot gave out 20,000 codes for the skin, but how many were actually redeemed? 

Similarly, PAX Jax and PAX Sivir also had skin codes given out in the subsequent years, making them quite a rarity as well. While Riot have created the Neo PAX skins for Jax and Sivir in recent years, the originals are still hard to get your hands on. An account with an original PAX Jax skin can cost up to $700. 

Black Alistar

rarest skin in lol is black alistar

Black Alistar is another skin that could have just been a chroma from the old League of Legends days. This skin came out way back in 2009 and is one of the first skins to have been created. Players who pre-ordered the League of Legends collectors edition got this skin with their accounts. 

This means around 65,000 players got Black Alistar, but today far fewer people own the skin. Anyone who still has this skin in their inventory can sell it for around $500 these days. 

Victorious Jarvan IV

victorious jarvan iv rare skin laegue of legends

The first end of season reward was none other than Victorious Jarvan IV. Any players from season 1 will be able to show off this relic. But have you ever encountered any players from Season 1? I haven’t, and therefore I also haven’t seen this skin yet. 

Accounts with a Victorious Jarvan IV skin can be sold for up to $900. This is one of the rarest and most expensive skins, which goes to show just how few people from the OG days still play League of Legends today. 

UFO Corki

ufo corki rare skin lol

Another rare skin is UFO Corki, which was a promotional skin given out to players who registered before January 14, 2010. Anyone who signed up ahead of this date got this fun skin in their inventory. 

Now, UFO Corki is an old relic that is rarely ever spotted on Summoner’s Rift. Thankfully, Riot have given the Yordle some better skins in recent years, so the UFO Corki skin isn’t missed. 

What Makes These Skins So Rare?

PAX Jax rare skin laegue of legneds

It’s all about supply and demand. Now, some of these fierce skins are no longer available in the League of Legends shop, and others were only ever available if you had an exclusive code. That means they’re rare and scarce. But the demand for these skins? It’s still high, making them both pricey and extremely desirable. Take, for instance, the Annie-Versary skin for Annie — only available to those who were part of the celebration for the game's 10th anniversary. That’s what makes it so special and coveted. 

Of course, at the time of the release of Annie-Versary, there were a lot more players, meaning more accounts have the skin, but it still means that in the future there could be a higher demand for this skin, which was only available at a specific time. 

Are Legacy Skins Also Rare League of Legends Skins?

Lunar Beast Aphelios rare skin league of legends

I also have to talk about those elusive Legacy skins in League of Legends. These skins aren't your everyday store items. You can snatch them up through Hextech crafting or maybe even a Mystery Gift, if you're feeling lucky. These skins also return at certain times of the year. 

For example, the Lunar New Year skins will be unvaulted every year for the Lunar New Year, obviously. And during this time can pick up new skins, as well as old favorites. The same can be said for Heartseeker skins, as well as Snowdown skins. Both of these skin lines celebrate certain time periods of the year. 

But sadly, because these skins regularly make a comeback in the shop and can be Hextech crafted, they are not considered rare commodities in League of Legends. 

If you're curious, find out how much money your League of Legends account is worth. Maybe you're holding on to a treasure without even realizing it!

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