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Connect All Riot Games with Your Riot ID

It's really that simple! You only need one account to play any of Riot Games' games

riot games id explained in detailImage Source: Riot Games

In the last few years Riot has brought more games to the market, creating their very own game launcher as well to keep everything in one place. With 2XKO, as well as an unnamed MMO in the works, the list of games is only going to grow larger. 

To be able to log into the games, you’ll need a Riot account, but what does that mean? You’re going to be getting your very own Riot ID as well, but what exactly is the Riot ID, and how does it differ from the previous “Summoner Name” League of Legends players had? Well, that’s what I’m going to explain to you right now. 

Riot ID: How do You Get One?

When you sign up for a Riot Account, you're also setting up your Riot ID, which is like your gamer tag. It’s made up of the name you choose to show off in-game and a unique tagline, separated by a hashtag, kinda like this: [in-game name]#[tagline]. The tagline can be a mix of 3-5 letters or numbers, so it’s totally customizable.

riot games ID kindred splashartImage Source: Riot Games

No stress, though—when you’re in the heat of the game, your squad only sees your in-game name, not the hashtag or numbers. But if they look at your profile in the friend list or game client post-match, they’ll catch the whole ID.

How to Find Your Riot ID 

If you ever need to remember your Riot ID so that someone can add you in Valorant or League of Legends, then you can simply go onto your account page. Just log into your account on, and then you can see all the information you need pertaining to your account. You can also enable two-factor authentication and change your password here. Of course, your entire Riot ID is also visible. 

Why did Riot Create the Riot ID?

The Riot ID system lets you keep the in-game name you really want, giving you tons of flexibility to express yourself. If you're diving into Valorant but have already been grinding in League of Legends, you’ll start off with the same username in both games.

how the riot id system worksImage Source: Riot Games

Feeling like your old League username doesn’t really vibe with who you are now? No worries! You can update your Riot ID whenever you want, so your names in League and Valorant don’t have to match. 

How to Change Your Riot ID

Now you might have an old League of Legends name that you desperately want to change. Don’t feel like “xxLukewarmCheese420xx” truly represents you anymore? Then you can simply change your Riot ID on the official Riot Games website. Just follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to Your Riot Account Page

  2. Check under Account Management

  3. Click on Riot ID

  4. Change Riot ID in the First Row

If you’re playing League of Legends or TFT on the PC, then you can also change the Riot ID through the in-game client. To do so, follow these steps: 

how to change riot id easilyImage Source: Riot Games

  1. Enter the Shop in the top right

  2. Click the Account button

  3. Select the Riot ID Change offer

  4. Follow the popup to

  5. Enter your new Riot ID

You’re able to change your Riot ID for free every 90 days. Riot does make some exceptions, though. If a player receives hate and harassment because of their Riot ID, then they can submit a ticket with Player Support to get it changed even before the 90 days are up. There is no way to pay for a Riot ID change early, however. 

Difference Between Riot ID and Summoner Name

Summoner Names were removed from the game in late 2023 and replaced by Riot ID. Riot Games transitioned from using summoner names to Riot IDs to unify player identity across all their games, not just League of Legends.

Riot also explained that the move away from Summoner Names stems from a change in the lore. Originally, the framing concept behind LoL was that players are Summoners who bring the champions to the rift. But this idea was abandoned. So, players are not considered Summoners anymore and therefore the name has also been adjusted. Now we just have to wait for Riot to finally adjust Miss Fortune’s voice line, “sure you can handle me… Summoner?” as well, right? 

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