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Rocket League Best Players

Engines roar and boost canisters hiss in the wildly exciting world of Rocket League, where soccer meets Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. That's actually the original name of Rocket League. It's true, look it up.

The Essentials

  • Zen is the best Rocket League player at the moment. Everyone is watching him with awe.
  • Coin flip between Firstkiller and Vatira for second best. It's just hard to decide.
  • Rocket League's huge talent pool is showcased in the Top 15 section of this article.

Who is #1 RL Player in the World?

With countless skilled gamers vying for supremacy, the leaderboard is an ever-moving spectacle. But amidst this kaleidoscope of talent, a beacon of brilliance has emerged. Zen, a name often mentioned in hushed tones among gaming circles, has ascended to the pinnacle of Rocket League glory. Known for his masterful display of mechanics, Zen found his footing in the 2v2 scene before dramatically switching gears to 1v1's. There is a growing consensus in the community that he is preordained for greatness, and his performances over the past quarter have only solidified this sentiment.

Perhaps one of Zen's finest hours came adorned in team Vitality's colors when he drove his team to victory in the RLCS 2022-23 main event finals. This victory, their first as a team, was a demonstration in unparalleled skill, talent and teamwork. And to date, they've kept on winning.

What makes Zen such a Good Rocket League Player?

It's simple - his almost inexplicably effective defensive strategy. In a world where the spotlight seems to favor aggressive, relentless attackers, Zen has flipped the script. His defensive mechanics, perfect for a player of his technical brilliance, have proved invaluable. 

Witnessing Zen handle his car's momentum, tactfully managing his boost, is a sight to behold. Despite spending significant time without any boost, this poses no apparent handicap. His ability to know exactly when to attack is further proof of his master game sense. 

His defensive ethos is reflected on the field as he angles his position and challenges with precision. Zen knows when to retreat, defend and when to pose an aggressive challenge. He expertly handles his car, maintains momentum, and executes calculated plays - bringing safety to his teammates and chills to the competition. 

Zen's rise to phenomenal heights cannot be termed as anything but extraordinary. His consistency, tactical brain and defensive masterclass have propelled him among Rocket League's elite. No doubt, fans are eager to witness Zen continue carving his legacy in the competitive scene.

Top 15 Rocket League Players in 2024

Rocket League showcases an array of exceptional talents, and while Zen has been bathing in the limelight, let's delve deeper into this pool of talent. Here are another 15 exceptional players to watch:


Vatira's rise in the Rocket League scene has been nothing short of stratospheric. His wide range of skills and standout performances under high-pressure situations make him an exceptional asset to the game - a truly complete player to watch out for.


Known for stellar precision and consistency, Atow has emerged as a truly exceptional player in the Rocket League community. His knack for making clutch plays under pressure, combined with his creative playstyle, makes him an invaluable asset for Team Liquid.


Atomic's spectacular speed and mechanical proficiency have made him a force to reckon with. His commitment to rigorous practice sessions sets a benchmark for others to follow, making him an absolute standout in the competitive scene.


He may be renowned for a somewhat passive playstyle, yet his impeccable positioning and remarkable mechanics render him one of the most consistent players. His significant contributions to Faze Clan have been instrumental in their journey to success.


An old player in the Rocket League domain, JKnaps brings forth invaluable experience and superb core mechanics that enable poised gameplay. His steady presence and top-notched gameplay have played a crucial role in G2's success, making him a respected figure in the competitive scene.


From being a substitute player to emerging as a mainstay in RLCS, Mist represents a shining example of personal growth and commitment to the game. His ability to make the right moves consistently, coupled with his impeccable ball control, has proved to be a game-changer for Faze Clan.


Previously considered the best of the best, Firstkiller's name rings a bell across every competitive Rocket League circuit. His flawless core mechanics alongside his adaptability as a player, makes him a veritable powerhouse in the game. Regardless of the team he is playing for, Firstkiller's performances are undeniably breathtaking.

Check out Firstkiller's achievements in just the last couple of years:


A known entity in the European Rocket League circuit, Alpha54 boasts enviable core mechanics. His journey from FC Barcelona to Vitality evidences his consistent growth, while his influence in the Rocket League community solidifies his position as a standout player.


Starting from relative obscurity, Rise's journey into the spotlight is an inspiring tale of relentless hard work and consistent performance. His solid gameplay and adaptability have caught the attention of Oxygen's team and fans alike, making him a player to watch.


Oski's swift rise to prominence in the Rocket League scene is nothing short of a fairytale. His brilliant skill prowess, especially in ranked matches, has left his opponents spellbound. Simultaneously, his contributions to Team Liquid have been substantial, affirming his rising fame in the competitive scene.


Chronic's rise to the premier league of Rocket League is a testament to consistent performance and unyielding dedication. His opportunity with Gen.G has allowed him to showcase his skills phenomenally well, reinforcing the importance of diligence and perseverance in the competitive domain.


Despite being somewhat under-the-radar, ApparentlyJack is a player whose value cannot be overemphasized. His consistent performances paired with a humble demeanor and relentless hard work have formed a supporting pillar for his team's success.


A relatively new face in the North American Rocket League scene, CRR has carved a distinctive niche for himself with his unconventional tactics and strikingly rapid game-play. Initially presumed to be an overly aggressive player, CRR has proven everyone wrong with his surprising defensive capacities. Playing a pivotal role in Complexity, his unparalleled style and consistent performance mark him as a player to keep an eye on.


Representing the European scene, Archie's confident gameplay and advanced mechanical skills leave everyone impressed. He has emerged as a key player for Oxygen, with his creative tactics and versatile gameplay earning him a significant fan base.


While Itachi's name might not ring a bell like most of his contemporaries, his fiery playstyle and contagious passion make him a tough opponent to beat. Currently playing for Karmine Corp, Hitachi's drive to win truly sets him apart.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, these players, from Zen to Firstkiller, are the living legends of Rocket League. Their skills, commitment and ability to perform under pressure are unrivaled, placing them in a league of their own. As we continue to witness their performances, it's evident that they are reshaping the future of Rocket League and setting new benchmarks of excellence in the game.

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