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League of Legends Tenacity: A Comprehensive Guide

learn everything about tenacity in league of legends

League of Legends is a game known for its intricate mechanics, and one of the crucial aspects players often encounter is "Tenacity." In this article, we will delve into the world of Tenacity, discussing what it is, which items grant Tenacity, the maximum Tenacity cap, champions that benefit from Tenacity, and strategies for dealing with champions who stack it.

What is Tenacity?

Tenacity in League of Legends refers to a champion's ability to reduce the duration of crowd control (CC) effects, such as stuns, slows, roots, and taunts. It allows champions to maintain control over their character during intense battles and can be a significant factor in turning the tide of a game.

Items, Abilities, Runes, Buffs and Summoner Spells that provide Tenacity

In season 13, the following items provide Tenacity:

  • Elixir of Iron
  • Iceborn Gauntlet
  • Mercury's Treads 
  • Mosstomper Seedling
  • Silvermere Dawn
  • Sterak's Gage    

Champion Abilities:
Garen's W: Courage 
Milio's R: Breath of Life


Summoner Spells:

Neutral Buffs
Chemtech Bligh

Tenacity Rework 2023

Tenacity was reworked in early 2023 and there's a lot of confusion around the changes that were made. Below is a quick clip that explains everything:

What is the Maximum Tenacity Cap?

In League of Legends, the maximum Tenacity cap is set at 51%. This cap prevents champions from reaching complete immunity to crowd control effects.

Which Champions Should Build Tenacity?

While Tenacity is beneficial for all champions, certain playstyles and roles benefit more from it. Tanks and bruisers who engage in frontline battles can greatly benefit from Tenacity, allowing them to withstand and shrug off crowd control effects. Champions who often dive into enemy lines or are prone to being focused by the enemy team should consider investing in Tenacity items to maintain their presence in team fights.

How to CC a Champion that Buys a Lot of Tenacity?

Dealing with champions who stack Tenacity can be challenging, but there are strategies to help control them effectively:

Chain Crowd Control: Instead of relying on a single CC ability, coordinate with your team to chain multiple crowd control effects, making it difficult for the Tenacity-stacked champion to escape or retaliate effectively.

Baiting and Timing: Trick the champion into using their Tenacity-boosting abilities or items prematurely. Once their Tenacity wears off, you can unleash your crowd control abilities to catch them off guard.

Adaptive Builds: Consider building items or abilities that bypass Tenacity. For instance, certain crowd control effects, such as knock-ups or suppressions, are unaffected by Tenacity and can disable a champion regardless of their Tenacity stack.

Tenacity plays a vital role in League of Legends, allowing champions to resist and reduce the duration of crowd control effects. Understanding the concept of Tenacity, knowing which items provide it, and utilizing strategies to counter champions who stack it are crucial to success in the game. By incorporating Tenacity into your gameplay, you can enhance your ability to survive and turn the tide of battles in your favor.

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