Champions Draft, The Fair Way to Play FIFA Online

Champions Draft is the most ENTERTAINING and FAIR way of playing FIFA 21 across different skill levels on our site. With Champions Draft, players are assigned a team from a pool of admin-selected teams through an innovative and impartial computer-run algorithm. Our algorithm assigns teams based on a player's star rating, current form, and opponent. Once you have your team, you face off against other players that have also been assigned a team by the algorithm. The roster of teams we select always revolves around an interesting theme or competition such as a domestic league, a club European cup competition, or an international tournament. The themes we decide on and the rosters we put together often reflect current events happening in the world of football.

Fair and Skill Building

In Champions Draft both players get to know the team they will be playing with at the exact same time to ensure that there is no time to pre-arrange team settings or to customize squad players. Champions Mode is all about winning and applying your skills in the face of unfamiliar circumstances. It allows low-level casuals to take on highly skilled players and actually stand a chance to win. It also pushes the high-skill players out of their comfort zones and demands that they adapt to each new match and the conditions surrounding it. As a result, these players refine their skills and become more resourceful and capable FIFA players. On the flip side, if you’re a casual player, this game mode finally gives you a shot at taking on some of the top dogs on the website.


Champions Mode implements new robust and foolproof anti-cheating regulations. In this mode, players are required to take several critical in-game screenshots before starting any match. This completely and entirely eradicates any of the cheating happening in these matches and makes playing on our site much more fun and safe. 

Fun Factor

In Champions Draft, no two matches are ever the same. One moment you’re terrorizing defenses with the explosive pace of Bayern Munich and the next you’re parking the bus with Ajax and holding on to a 2-1 lead for dear life. This factor of unpredictability is what keeps things fresh and intriguing every single time you play a Champions Draft match.

Unlimited Challenges

Game Champions allows players to create and post multiple PUBLIC CHALLENGES in Champions Draft. Once posted, these challenges become visible and accessible to the entire Game Champions community. As soon as a challenge you posted gets accepted you will instantly be informed via our notification system. Gone are the days of having to be permanently online and fixated on your screen to find an opponent and play a match. Simply post a public challenge, wait for a player to accept it and then use private chat to decide on a mutually convenient time to schedule your match. In the end, the final decision of whether or not you want to play against any player who accepts your challenge is yours. With our new approach to challenges, you remain in COMPLETE control of your own matches from beginning to end. We use a star rating (5 stars=veteran, 1 star=beginner) to group players by skill level. Before accepting any match you will have the chance to review your opponent's rating, assess your chances of winning and decide whether or not you want to go through with the challenge.