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1v1 Commands for Counter Strike 2

1v1 commands in cs2

You're here to learn how to use cheat commands in CS2 that are useful when playing 1v1 with your friends (or enemies).

Before charging ahead, let's cover some basics. Console commands are codes that you enter into the game's console, which is a command line interface that basically allows you to change a bunch of settings. To access the console in Counter-Strike 2, simply press the tilde key (~). If you haven't already, you have to enable the Developer Console in your Game Settings:

CS2 All Cheat Commands

In the command console (~), enter 'sv_cheats 1' - a handy cheat code that'll open up unparalleled functionalities in your private lobby. This command is vital, as several commands require 'sv_cheats 1' activated. It's essential to remember, however, that these commands are specific to private servers and don't work on Valve's official servers:

  • noclip: This command is your ticket to unrestricted movement and the ability to fly through solid objects. Ever wondered what it is like to soar like a bird through the battle zone? Well, now's your chance!
  • god: With this command, you can experience the invincibility of a classic god mode. Who wouldn't want to soak up bullets and laugh in the face of danger?
  • thirdperson: This command shifts your perspective from first-person to third-person, letting you see your character and its actions from a new angle. 
  • sv_infinite_ammo 2: Are you tired of running out of ammo at the worst possible moment? This command gifts you an unlimited ammo magazine. Of course, you still need to reload!
  • r_drawothermodels 2: Allows you to see other player models through walls. 
  • mp_afterroundmoney: With this command, you can control the amount of money players receive after each round, keeping the battlefield fair or just adding a little extra chaos.
  • mp_maxmoney: Want to keep a lid on the coffers? This command sets the cap on any player’s fortune in the game.
  • bot_add_t & bot_add_ct: These commands let you spawn bots for either the T side or the CT side, perfect for training or just having an extra gun in the fray.
  • enable_skeleton_draw 1: Fancy a skeletal overview of your opponents? This command allows you to see players skeletons on player models. Creepy yet intriguing.
  • sv_showimpacts 1: Every bullet you fire will leave behind an impactful marker with this command. For those who like to see the evidence of their marksmanship.
  • give weapon_name: Spawn whichever weapon you desire with this command. Also, You can even summon a Golden Knife, just use ‘give weapon_knifegg’.
  • mp_startmoney: Set your preferred amount of money for a round start for all players. After all, it's all in the game, right?
  • cl_righthand 0: This command shakes things up by moving your weapon to your left hand. Feeling ambidextrous, are we?
  • r_drawparticles 0: Fan of the stealth path? Employ this command to hide all particles including those of smoke grenades, flash grenades, and incendiaries. Instant invisibility!
  • cl_leveloverview 2: Broaden your view with this command. It gives you a bird’s eye view of the map. Who doesn't want a bit of eagle vision?sv_gravity 300: Set your feet free with this command that adjusts the in-game world gravity to match that of Mars. You can change the number to play around in different gravities.
  • sv_grenade_trajectory_prac_pipreview true: Gives you a better view of where your grenades will land. This is a great tool for finding the sweetspot to all of your grenade throws.

1v1 Commands in CS2

  • bot_kick: An unexpected bot in your custom lobby? Say goodbye with this command; insta-kicked and your 1v1 match carries on undisturbed.
  • mp_free_armor 1: Forget the hassle of buying kevlars and helmets each round. With this command, you'll both automatically start with these crucial items, incredibly handy in rifle showdowns.
  • mp_freezetime 2: Tired of prolonged start times? Why not cut them to just 2 seconds instead of the default 15? A gamechanger that will save minutes of your gaming session.
  • mp_round_restart_delay 3: Never miss a beat with this command reducing the gap between rounds from the standard 7 seconds to a mere 3. Time-saving never looked this effortless.
  • mp_roundtime 60: With this command, each round stretches longer - up to 60 minutes. Perfect when the default timer leaves you wanting. For more info, do check our piece on infinite time commands!
  • mp_roundtime_defuse 60: Fancy a marathon match? This command stretches the bomb defusal game round timer to a hefty 60 minutes.
  • mp_maxrounds 30: Take your game to full competition standards with this commend setting the max rounds to 30, just like in a professional match. The first to hit 16 rounds is declared the winner.
  • mp_warmup_end 1: Ready for instant action? Skip the standard 5-minute warmup session with this command. More time saved for an intense face-off. Interested in more time-related commands? We've got quite a collection!
  • mp_overtime_enable 1: A close game ending at 15-15 can now be decided with overtime instead of settling for a stalemate. Apply this command and may the best player emerge victorious!
  • mp_restartgame 1: Surefire way to apply your newly set game settings? Use this command to smoothly restart the game, resetting everything from rounds won to kill count.
  • sv_alltalk 1: This command breaks down the walls between competing teams, enabling you to have a chat even when on opposing sides. Useful for keeping communication alive during the 1v1s.
  • sv_deadtalk 1: A companion to the previous command, it lets the living hear the voices from beyond, breaking the standard condition where only players in your team can be heard.

Setting Server Password and Sharing the IP Address

If you want to customize your server and network settings, these three commands are your friends:

  • sv_password "YourPassword"
  • net_public_adr "Your IP"

Sets a password for your server and the IP that your server should report to the master server, which is the same IP your friends will need to find your lobby.

Finding your IP Address

Once the console window is active, write 'status'. The command window will display a multitude of detailed server information, including your own IP address. 

Now that you know how to enable and use console commands in CS2 and set up your own game server, it's time for you to boot up a lobby, invite a friend and put these codes to the test.

Have fun!

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