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How to Fix Input Lag in FIFA EA FC

In a high-speed game such as EA FC 24, even a tiny bit of delay can disrupt your timing and hinder your ability to respond promptly to events. There's no chance you can ace that flair pass because of annoying input lag. Let this article guide you through the steps on how to reduce input lag in EA FC 24 and improve your gameplay.

What Exactly is Input Lag? 

Input lag in EA FC24 refers to the delay between the input command and when it is displayed on the screen. This gap can be caused by several factors such as graphics settings, synchronization, frame rate, or internet connection issues. These disruptions may negatively impact your gameplay experience and make it less enjoyable.

How is it measured?

Input lag is typically measured in milliseconds (ms) and becomes noticeable when it exceeds 75-100 ms. The error usually occurs due to a range of factors, primarily residing in the communication route from your hardware to the game itself. 

Here's a breakdown of why input lag can occur:

  • Hardware limitations. Your PC or console might not be powerful enough to handle the game at high settings, leading to processing delays.
  • Software issues. Outdated drivers or bugs in the game itself can introduce input lag.
  • Connection problems. Especially in online play, a slow or unstable internet connection can significantly increase input lag.

How to Fix Input Lag in EA FC24?

To avoid lag while playing games, you can take a two-pronged approach by optimizing both hardware and software settings. 

Hardware Maintenance

One of the primary reasons for the lag is outdated drivers or dust accumulation in your PC or console. Therefore, it is important to regularly clean your device to ensure proper ventilation and update your graphics card drivers (for PC) or system software (for consoles) to benefit from performance improvements and bug fixes.

Software Settings

Consider the following in-game settings and external configurations that you can adjust to enhance your gaming experience:

  • Frame Rate- While unlimited frames may seem tempting, they can overwhelm your system. Experiment with a specific frame rate your hardware can comfortably handle, such as 60 fps, to ensure smooth and responsive gameplay.
  • Graphics Settings- Graphics settings like resolution, anti-aliasing, and shadows can significantly impact responsiveness. Find the right balance between visuals and smooth gameplay.
  • VSync- This in-game or graphics card control panel setting can prevent screen tearing and introduce input lag. Try turning it off and see if it improves responsiveness. If screen tearing becomes an issue, consider "Adaptive VSync" for a balance.
  • Power Management (PC Only) - Set your Windows power plan to "High Performance" to prioritize processing power for a smoother gaming experience.
  • Display Mode- Consider switching from full screen to windowed borderless mode. This can sometimes reduce input lag. 
  • Controller Settings- We assume your controller settings are already set up properly. Ensure your controller is properly wired or charged, and minimize wireless interference for a more responsive connection.
  • Game Mode- Enabling Game Mode on your TV can significantly reduce input lag, sometimes by as much as 50 milliseconds or more. Check your TV settings on how to enable Game Mode.

How Do I Reduce Input Lag Delay?

The ideal solution to reduce input lag depends on the configuration of your system. We recommend trying the previous suggestions step-by-step, testing the game after each change to see if the input lag improves.

If you're playing on a PC, we advise monitoring your system performance while playing to identify any bottlenecks that might be causing the lag. Remember that making small changes to your setup can make a big difference in achieving a lag-free and competitive online gaming experience.

Understanding Connection Quality Indicators

Have you ever noticed unfamiliar icons appearing when you play EA FC 24 online? These symbols represent your connection quality! These Connection Monitors indicate potential issues that might be affecting your online gameplay experience. 

These icons are turned on by default to make you aware of current issues. If you see any of these while playing, they indicate a problem with your connection where your internet is performing worse than the ideal range for smooth online gameplay. It could also be a problem on the server side of things that will clear out over time or in your next match.

However, if these icons appear continuously throughout your matches, it suggests your connection is unstable, perhaps, due to issues with your internet provider or wireless interference.

Dominate the Pitch, Not the Lag

Overcoming input lag is essential to displaying your true football skills. Try adjusting graphics settings and using a wired connection to improve your gameplay experience. Every setup is different, so experiment and find what works best.

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