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The Hottest League of Legends Girls

League of Legends is not just a game of destroying towers and outwitting opponents. It is a visually appealing world, filled with charismatic champions that leave a lasting impression on players. In this list, we will explore the 10 hottest League of Legends champions that captivate players with their distinctive blend of personality, design, and how to play each character.

10. Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox

Ahri is a versatile mage who manipulates emotions and memories with her illusions, thanks to her sharp intellect and playful demeanor as a Vastayan fox spirit.

  • Gameplay Focus: Outmaneuvering opponents and unleashing devastating magic through a deceptive playstyle.
  • Key Abilities: Charm (lock down enemies), Orb of Deception (poke and last hitting), Fox-Fire (damage and utility), Spirit Rush (mobility).

Art by Zarorys

9. Akali, the Rogue Assassin

Akali is a master of stealth and agility, eliminating enemies with precise strikes of her crescent blades.

  • Gameplay Focus: High-mobility, high-skill-cap assassinations through aggressive outplays and flashy maneuvers.
  • Key Abilities: Five Point Strike (harass and proc passive), Twilight Shroud (invisibility and movement speed), Perfect Execution (gap close and execute low health enemies).

Art by Kikoldraws

8. Evelynn, the Demonic Embrace

Evelynn is a demon who preys on the careless and possesses the ability to control shadows. She has a manipulative personality and a captivating blend of danger and allure.

  • Gameplay Focus: Cunning and elusive jungler who thrives in the darkness, striking fear with burst damage and surprise attacks.
  • Key Abilities: Allure (invisibility control), Hate Spike (wave clear and harass), Whiplash (damage and crowd control), Demon Shade (extended invisibility and damage aura).

Art by Wickellia

7. Janna, the Storm's Fury

Janna is a fierce protector of Zaun who wields the power of the storm to shield allies and disrupt enemies. Her strength, loyalty, determination, and spirit make her a captivating figure.

  • Gameplay Focus: Support champion who excels at peel and utility, keeping carries safe with shields and disrupting enemies with crowd control.
  • Key Abilities: Howling Gale (zone enemies and interrupt abilities), Zephyr (shield allies and harass enemies), Eye of the Storm (slow pursuers or set up ganks), Monsoon (healing storm or forceful pushback).

Art by ShuraKRGT

6. Kai'Sa, the Void Daughter

Kai'Sa is a captivating character due to her duality. She was evolved by the void, which is a chaotic dimension, and as a result, she possesses immense power and an innocent curiosity about the world. Her struggle to control her void-like abilities and accept her humanity makes her an intriguing character.

  • Gameplay Focus: Marksman who excels at sustained damage and outmaneuvering opponents with evolving abilities based on attacks.
  • Key Abilities: Icathian Rain (last hitting and multi-missile damage), Supercharge (stack Plasma for passive and ultimate), Killer Instinct (invisibility and dash), Second Skin (reposition and dodge spells).

Art by Wickellia

5. Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter

Miss Fortune is a marksman who takes risks, loves gambling, and deals heavy damage with her lead-spewing arsenal. Her skills are anything but average. 

  • Gameplay Focus: Late-game powerhouse who excels at shredding towers and dealing sustained area-of-effect damage in team fights.
  • Key Abilities: Double Up (last hitting with bouncing bullets), Strut (movement and attack speed), Make It Rain (area-of-effect damage), Bullet Time (channeled barrage of bullets).

Art by keiadagaki

4. Qiyana, the Elemental Warrior

Qiyana, the last heir of Ixaocan, isn't your average assassin. She wields the elements, demanding mastery and strategic thinking to unleash her full potential.

  • Gameplay Focus: High-mobility assassin who utilizes different elements for unique abilities, excelling at ganks, pressuring lanes, and outplays.
  • Key Abilities: Terrashape (acquire elements for unique abilities), Elemental Wrath/Edge of Ixtal (poke and proc passive), Audacity (dash), Supreme Display of Talent (zone, secure kills, or steal objectives).

Art by Tigrsasha

3. Sona, the Maven of Melody

Sona is a mute musician whose melodies can empower allies and cripple enemies.

  • Gameplay Focus: Supportive playstyle that empowers allies with auras and abilities, healing them and providing crowd control to turn the tide of battle.
  • Key Abilities: Hymn of Valor (damage and prioritize champions/monsters), Aria of Perseverance (heal and shield), Power Chord (enhanced auto attack after ability), Crescendo (force enemies to dance, disabling them).

Art by Zarory

2. Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress

Seraphine is empathetic, and optimistic and uses her voice to amplify positive feelings. She is a captivating champion with an unwavering belief in the power of music.

  • Gameplay Focus: Supportive mage who excels at buffing allies, controlling the battlefield with crowd control, and turning fights with her ultimate.
  • Key Abilities: Echo (harass enemies and buff yourself/allies), Surround Sound (shield and heal allies), Harmony (passive grants effects based on nearby allies), Finale (amplify allies' movement speed, shield them, and deal bonus damage).

Art by therealzOh

1. Jinx, the Loose Cannon

Jinx is a brilliant but unstable inventor who thrives on mayhem and destruction due to her chaotic energy. She is a thrilling presence on the battlefield with an explosive arsenal and unpredictable nature.

  • Gameplay Focus: Powerful late-game ADC who excels at dealing sustained damage and area-of-effect explosions, punishing enemies with her chaotic playstyle.
  • Key Abilities: Pow-Pow (minigun for last hitting), Fishbones (rocket launcher for harass), Switcheroo! (switch between weapons), Super Mega Death Rocket! (game-changing long-range attack).

Art by AyyaSAP

League of Legends isn't just a strategy game, it's a world of rich characters. Beyond stunning designs, each champion boasts a story, fueling a passionate community. Crave strategic dominance or outplay thrills? There's a champion for you. Master yours and conquer Runeterra!

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