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Easy EXP Share in Pokémon Emerald

Come with me and I'll show you how I achieved this easy sharing of EXP

how to use and where to get exp share in pokemon emerald

The EXP Share feature in the third generation of Pokémon games, especially in titles like Emerald, has evolved significantly. While its main purpose - to distribute experience among participating Pokémon - remains the same, there are nuanced changes that warrant a closer look. 

How does the EXP Share work?

To use the EXP Share in Pokémon Emerald, assign it to a Pokémon as a held item. Unlike previous versions of the game, the Pokémon holding the EXP Share does not need to participate in battles to gain experience. Even when other Pokémon are in combat, the Pokémon holding the EXP Share silently earns 50% of the experience points from defeated foes. However, it's important to remember that fainted Pokémon do not receive any experience points. The share that a fainted Pokémon would have received goes to the other active Pokémon in the battle. 

Where and How to Get the EXP Share 

You can obtain the EXP Share in Pokémon Emerald in two main ways. The first method requires you to progress the main storyline until you get to Rustboro City. Here, Mr. Stone from the Devon Corporation will give you a task: deliver a letter to Steven in Granite Cave on Route 106. Upon completing this assignment, you'll be rewarded with the EXP Share. In a different scenario, you might win the EXP Share by taking part in the Lilycove Department Store's daily lottery. To win, the last three digits of your Trainer's ID have to match the numbers drawn in the lottery. 

If you ever get confused on how to get the EXP Share in Pokémon Emerald, just follow this video guide:

EXP Share Cheat Code for Emerald 

For players looking for a shortcut, a cheat code presents an expedient solution. A Code Breaker cheat, specifically designed for Pokémon Emerald allows players to instantly obtain the EXP Share from any Poke Mart. This approach can be particularly beneficial for players using emulators, enabling them to get unlimited access to the item for a minor cost. 

Here is the EXP Share code for Pokémon Emerald using Code Breaker:
82005274 00B6


A common question is about the location of Rustboro City. This city is at the western side of Hoenn, surrounded by Route 104 to the south, Route 115 to the north, and Route 116 to the northeast. This is where you'll encounter your rival who will guide you to the Pokémon League gym within the city.

Concerning the mechanics of the EXP Share, this item guarantees that the holder constantly obtains 50% of the total experience points, no matter their involvement in battles. If several Pokémon engage in a battle, the remaining 50% of experience is equally divided among them, while the holder of the EXP Share maintains its fixed 50% share.

In conclusion, obtaining and using the EXP Share in Pokémon Emerald is not only possible but also beneficial for your gameplay. By seeking out Mr. Stone in Rustboro City and delivering his letter, you can easily acquire this valuable tool. Remember, using the EXP Share boosts your chances of leveling up your Pokémon by sharing battle experience among your team. 

The shared experience can be a game-changer, helping your weaker Pokémon grow stronger without directly participating in battles. As you embark on or continue with your Pokémon Emerald adventures, we encourage you to make full use of the EXP Share. 

We hope it's been informative and will help you in your quest to become the ultimate Pokémon Master. Happy gaming!

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