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Get Your Fortnite Nostalgia With Project Nova

Here's how you can play the OG early version of Fortnite with your friends

here's how to play project nova fortnite the early versionImage source: Epic Games

Not too long ago Epic Games brought back OG Fortnite for a short while. The nostalgia was real, but sadly it didn’t last. So, now players have to turn to Project Nova if they want to re-experience the early days of Fortnite. 

Thanks to Project Nova players get to play the first ever Fortnite map. This also includes iconic older weapons. For anyone who played Fortnite when it first released this is a punch of nostalgia and letting you think of better times. 

So, how exactly can you get Project Nova and how do you play? Easy follow the steps below to be transported back to 2017. 

Fortnite: What Is Project Nova?

Fortnite Project Nova is a third-party mod through which you can play OG Fortnite. Yes, even in 2024 you’ll be able to obtain all the old school weapons and play on the first ever map. 

Remember Greasy Grove? Or even Retail Row? With Project Nova you’ll be able to jump into beloved old POIs on the Fortnite map. Not only that, but original weapons are also scattered all over ready for you to loot like it’s 2017 again. 

Not just POIs and weapons are the same, but the default settings also reflect Chapter 1's Season X, though many elements from Chapter 1 are accessible. Since this experience is hosted on a private multiplayer server utilizing old assets, players have the liberty to explore and engage in gameplay just as they prefer, without any restrictions.

Fortnite Project Nova: How To Download

how to play the first original map in fortnite project novaImage source: Epic Games

Has your interest been piqued? Then it’s time to follow this simple step-by-step guide to be able to play this mod along with your OG Fortnite buddies. The developer of Project Nova has made it quite simple for anyone to join and have fun. 

  1. Join the Nova Discord Server
  2. Create Nova Account
    1. Type #bot-commands /create in the server tab
    2. Add your email, a username and a password
  3. Install the NovaLauncher and OG Fortnite by downloading VC_redist.x64 file and the Nova Launcher
    1. This can be found in the #download tab
  4. Create a folder
  5. Extract the NovaLauncher
  6. Open NovaLauncher.exe file
  7. Use Easy Installer in settings
  8. A window will open. Type 75 and press Enter
  9. Create a new folder on your desktop and then open it
  10. Copy the folder link into EasyInstaller and press Enter
  11. Wait for installation to complete
  12. Select folder where Fortnite is installed and press OK
  13. Each time you launch the game, you'll need to generate a new exchange code. To obtain one, return to the Discord server, navigate to the #bot-commands tab, and enter the command /exchange-code.
  14. Copy the code into NovaLauncher and click Launch
  15. If anything was unclear, then make sure to watch this video, it goes over every step of the installation process for this specific Fortnite mod so you can get to playing right away again. You can also always ask for help in the Project Nova discord if you’re having issues. 

Once you've got Project Nova all set up and are ready to play some OG Fortnite, it's time to head into a match. Keep your eyes on the Nova Discord server’s uptime channel and wait for the Nova Manager to notify you when a server is ready. Want to know every time a game kicks off? Well then, you can respond to the notification message in the reaction-roles channel on the Nova Discord to receive alerts each time a match begins!

Once the Nova Manager gives you the go-ahead you can press play in OG Fortnite and start playing. It’s that simple. So, even in 2024 you’ll be able to get that nostalgia Fortnite kick. 

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