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Valorant Icebox: Best Viper Lineups

Viper, without a doubt, is a powerful and probably the best controller to play on Icebox. This map has 2 sites and playing viper either on the A or B site is equally impacting and deters the enemies from entering the site when you're on defence. A good Viper is all it takes for the team to have a higher chance of winning most of the rounds.

But, the most lethal and impactful Viper is who knows every lineup whether it's for the walls, poison clouds, or the snakebite. This article delves into the best Viper snakebite, poison clouds, and wall lineups for you to learn and have an advantage in winning rounds without having to indulge yourself in unwanted gun fights. 

A side Plant

This plant lineup is pretty easy to understand and can be learned in just under a minute. You won't have to remember crazy things about this line-up so, here you go. 

To achieve this line-up, line up yourself with the wall the way shown in the picture above, and begin to kiss the wall. Once, you're there, try to line up your crosshair to the corner like it's shown below in the picture. Once, everything is aligned, press the left click and the snake bite will bounce off the back wall and onto the default plant position.

A Default

Much like the previous Viper Lineup, this is pretty much the same lineup like shown above, it bounces off the blinds on the back side of the wall and lands directly on the default plant. At this point, it’s just a matter of your preference and whichever you find easy to execute in pressure situations.

To achieve this lineup, line up the crosshair with the wall above and after that line-up your crosshair like it’s shown in the picture below. Once everything is set up, press left click and it’ll shoot the snakebite.

It’ll land right on the default plant, and your enemies won’t have an idea how to counter this strategy so good luck to them.

A front

Sometimes, the default plant just isn’t the best place to plant as it doesn’t offer the possibility of spamming with your rifles when playing the post plant, A main. Don’t worry Viper also got lineups for this too.

Just like the previous ones, lineup yourself in the middle of this door frame and aim right there like shown in the picture below and you’d have to run a bit to perfectly land this line up on the A front.

A front # 2

There’s another lineup for this plant position and it usually lands quicker than the previous one, but it’s more vulnerable to Viper so make sure you’re covered by your teammates. To achieve this line-up, get behind the wall. Aim just behind the nest wall and press left-click. It will bounce off the wall and land safely on the plant.

B Default # 1

For this line-up there are two different variants, this is the 1st one and for this you’d want to walk in the doorway. Then aim at this sharp point of the darker mountain and press left-click to execute the line-up. The snakebite will bounce off the container and lands directly on the default B plant.

B Default # 2

If you’re playing close to the box and want to execute faster snakebite line-ups then you’d need to jump on the box right Infront you of you in the picture above. Aim at the right black and yellow strips of the yellow container and press left click, it’ll bounce off that strip and land directly on the default plant.

B Corner

After the icebox rework, this plant position has been widely used for planting safe and it’s easy to spam when pinged by your teammates. This lineup is super simple though, and to perfectly execute this lineup, go and hug the wall and move across a bit till the left container and the right wall align themselves.

After, that you’d need to line up your Ultimate ability line (X) with the container hanging above you like its show in the picture below.

It’ll fly over the containers and will land perfectly on the corner plant position, but you’d need to keep the timing in the mind, it takes about 4 seconds for the snakebite to land on the plant position so time your lineup wisely.

Poison Cloud Lineup (Mid Control)

Now, onto the poison cloud lineups and this is probably the most important lineup for any Viper main to know on Icebox. For the lineup, walk in this corner in mid. Place your crosshair right in the middle of the cone of these mountains. It will bounce off the tube that leads to the kitchen and will land perfectly in the middle.

B Hold (One-way smoke)

Holding B side with this one-way smoke is very easy and yet a nightmare for your opponents to push through it. You can easily hold off B rush of the enemy team, which will eventually buy more time for your team to rotate to B. For this lineup, you’ll need to walk into this corner and hug it. After that, you’d need to aim in this corner of the crane and just press left-click. It’ll land perfectly on this container and you’d be successful in holding off the B site.

B site Wall lineup

This B site wall line-up covers everything from the nest to snowman, so enemies won’t have a chance to peek you when you’re planting the bomb.

For this lineup, walk into the corner in the garage at B main. Aim a bit higher just to line it up a bit higher so it can hit the corner in the map. Press left-click and the wall will look something like this in the picture.

A site wall

This is the best wall when attacking A site, as it covers the wall in CT where an enemy could be hiding and tucked back on the wall. For the lineup, walk into the barrier in the buy phase. Aim a bit higher so it lines it up just so it cuts the corner of the A screen, just a tiny bit of it. Just press left click and the wall will look something like this.

Valorant Best Viper Lineups Icebox: conclusions

This wraps up the Viper lineups on Icebox, by learning these, we’re sure you’re going to win the unwinnable rounds and surprise your teammates and become the number one lineup Larry everyone wanted in their team. Countering this Viper who knows her line ups is pretty difficult and annoying to play against.

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