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FIFA 24: All New Features Revealed in FC 24!

By Shaun Grech | updated On Sep 6, 2023, 2:27 PM UTC


As always another year brings another FIFA game into our hands and into our homes. And just as we do every year we'll forget all about our harbored feelings of hatred and disdain that we share for the last FIFA title and mindlessly shell out 80 dollars on the new game the minute it hits the stores. This is the predictable pattern that has allowed EA to cash cow the football simulator market and make comedically large sums of money every year without having to change or improve on their stagnating gameplay formula. However, this year is different and you might already know why. FIFA and EA are facing an identity crisis after a fallout in the negotiations to reinstate the FIFA licensing partnership. This year EA have been forced to ditch it's once iconic FIFA name and adopt a new identity in time for the game's September release date. A rebranding effort which has convinced some fans that the franchise is turning a major corner and set on a different path. So, is this another false dawn or are we finally seeing a genuine attempt by EA at breathing new life into its flagship franchise? This article will tackle that very question and dissect the promises and new features that are coming with this year's EA FC 24.

Hyper Motion V Technology

The primary goal of EA FC 24 is to deliver an authentic gameplay experience, and one of the major steps towards achieving this is the inclusion of Hyper Motion V. Although Hyper Motion technology has played a large role in previous FIFA games, the V version brings about significant upgrades that many of us might not fully grasp yet.

To begin with, the V in Hyper Motion V stands for Volumetric Capture Technology. The process of generating volumetric data begins by strategically placing cameras around stadiums during international matches. These cameras capture and analyze the movements of various players.

The collected data is then utilized to replicate player-specific movements and running styles within the game. This includes actions such as passes, shots, and tackles, all tailored to each individual player, resulting in an unprecedented level of authenticity and new in-game animations.

Hyper Motion V leverages volumetric data sourced from over 180 matches, encompassing competitive leagues like the Premier League and Women's Champions League. According to EA, players can expect to encounter more than 1200 distinctive run styles, each characterized by its own unique speed and technique. In comparison to FIFA 23, FC 24 will feature an expanded repertoire of in-game animations, increasing from 6,000 to 11,000 which should go a long way to making the game feel more authentic to its real world counterpart.

One example that EA have highlighted is centered around Haaland. In game, you will be able to experience his distinctive run styles and tackles, faithfully replicated from his real-life performances. This is apparently the case for hundreds of players who have been captured with the Volumetric Capture Technology.

haaland hypermotion 5 fifa 24 fc

Ultimately, until we play the game we won't know whether "Volumetric Capture Technology" or "Player-specific animations" are things that are going to have tangible effects on gameplay or just fancy buzzwords used to brainwash us into buying the same game for another year. We'll just have to wait and see. Here's hoping it's all as great and magical as it sounds and it translates into something truly unforgettable on the virtual pitch.

Play Styles

Every exceptional player possesses a distinctive ability, right? Take Vinicius Jr. for instance, who boasts unparalleled dribbling skills, or Haaland, who can score with both feet. These characteristics are often unique to top players. But what if you could utilize these abilities in the game? That's exactly what EA FC 24 is introducing with its Play Styles and Play Styles+.

If you're familiar with FIFA gaming, you're aware that each player in the game is assigned a rating. However, numbers don't always encompass the various abilities a player brings to the field.

Enter Play Styles, EA's solution to this issue. Previously, most players in the game exhibited similar behavior based on their positions on the field. With the introduction of Play Styles, you can unlock player-specific abilities.

Play Styles will have two tiers: Play Styles and Play Styles+. While one Play Style unlocks a particular ability, Play Style+ takes that ability to the extreme, providing the player with a distinct advantage.

fifa 24 fc playstyles plus

For instance, players with a defensive Play Style can unlock the "stop ball tackle" feature in FC 24. This Play Style allows the player to execute tackles much more effectively than others. In total, there are 34 brand new Play Styles, including Acrobatic Shot, Free Kick, Power Header, Power Shot, Rapid Dribbling, and Whipped Crosser.

With the Play Styles+ variation, the number increases to an astounding 68!

EA will monitor the real-world players' volumetric data and update the Play Styles accordingly.

Certain star players may possess multiple Play Styles abilities, with Haaland confirmed to have the Acrobatic Shot, Power Header, and Power Shot. In my opinion, this is an interesting gameplay enhancement and could lead to some entertaining customization options in player career and ultimate team. Check out our Complete Guide on PlayStyles in EA FC 24.

fifa fc frostbite engine update

Brand New Frostbite Engine Update

The Frostbite engine has reached a whole new level in EA FC 24, bringing a new level of detail and realism to the virtual pitch.

With the help of AI Sapient technology, players can now enjoy unmatched realism with anatomically accurate bodies and smooth animations that replicate authentic proportions.

One remarkable feature is the GPU Cloth implementation, revolutionizing clothing simulation. Players' muscles are visible beneath their attire, and shirts move realistically with every movement. The engine's new lighting features introduce dynamic shadows and enhance contrast and detail, resulting in a stunningly realistic stadium atmosphere.

One of the most enjoyable features is the Elevated Matchday Experience, which allows viewers to witness changing rooms, warm-ups, and teams entering the pitch through dynamic intros. This adds an exciting and immersive element to the game, making players feel like they are actually playing at a rainy Anfield or under the lights in the Bernabeau.

AcceleRATE 2.0

If you've played FIFA 23 at all then you know about the notoriously overpowered "lengthy" acceleration archetype. This year, EA has taken it to the next level with AcceleRATE 2.0, introducing four new archetypes, bringing the total to seven, doubling the amount from FIFA 23.

There are three base Acceleration Types: "Controlled", "Explosive", and "Lengthy". The majority of players fall under the "Controlled" type, meaning they accelerate in a consistent and controlled manner.

Now, in EA Sports FC 24, four new types have been added to represent different player movement styles. We now have "Controlled Explosive" players (50% Controlled, 50% Explosive), combining the strengths of both worlds. Additionally, there are "Mostly Explosive" players (70% Explosive, 30% Controlled) who excel in explosive bursts but still maintain some control.

Another intriguing addition is the "Controlled Lengthy" type (50% Controlled, 50% Lengthy), which combines controlled movement with the stamina of a lengthy player. Lastly, we have "Mostly Lengthy" players (70% Lengthy, 30% Controlled), who heavily rely on their endurance and steady acceleration.

Ultimate Team Evolutions

In previous Ultimate Team iterations, player ratings on cards were fixed and unchangeable, resulting in frustration among fans, especially when it came to silver and bronze cards. However, in EA FC 24, players can now evolve their selected player over time by completing objectives and in-game challenges. This evolution process allows you to enhance player ratings, Play Styles, individual skills, and even upgrade your card. Keep in mind that these challenges are time-limited and may not apply to all cards, but they ensure that player cards remain relevant for an extended period and give players more customization options.'

fifa 24 fc player evolution ultimate team

Pro Clubs Introduces Cross Play

And now, the absolute game changer, Crossplay! As an avid fan of Pro Clubs, I've eagerly awaited the inclusion of Crossplay in Pro Clubs for years. This game-changing addition, now known as "Clubs," finally allows me to team up and play with friends who are using different gaming platforms.

With the crossplay integration across the entire game, players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC can seamlessly enjoy gameplay together. This is a monumental development as it will significantly expand the playerbase of the mode and unite players from various platforms.


EA FC 24 is set to bring a whole host of exciting new features to FIFA fans. One of the most anticipated additions is the crossplay functionality which will allow players on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC to play in the same community while those who have older gen consoles such as a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One will be matched together. Additionally, players can look forward to improved AI, enhanced visuals, and enhanced animations. These updates aim to create a more immersive and realistic gaming experience, making it harder to predict opponents' moves and giving the game a more authentic look and feel. With these additions, EA FC 24 is poised to be one of the most competitive and enjoyable games in the series to date.