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Top Fortnite Landing Spots: Where to Drop for Victory!

There is a moment at the start of every Fortnite game where a player must ask himself or his party members the iconic and immortalized question: "where are we dropping?". The answer to this question can go on to affect the entire game ahead and be the factor that determines whether you place in the bottom 50 or manage to reach that illustrious Victory Royale.

Landing in a spot with a good concentration of chests and quality loot is vital if you want to set yourself up for success in the game. Of course, whether you're booting up the game for the first time or simply unfamiliar with the new map, it can be overwhelming to have all these options and not know the best place to drop. To make things easier for you, we've come up with a list of the top 5 best places to land in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. Our selection is based on three essential qualities: difficulty, loot concentration, and positioning on the map.

These are the 5 Best landing Spots in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1

5. Slappy Shores

Chests Spawns: 55 regular, 0 Oathbound

Positioning: Medium

Difficulty: High

In the western corner of the map lies the industrial town of Slappy Shores. Home to the Slap Juice factory, Slappy Shores is an ideal location for players looking to find lots of health and obtain full shields early on. Aside from replenishing shield, the slap juice is unique because it gives the player unlimited stamina, which allows you to sprint, slide, and jump to your heart's content. As the name would suggest, Slappy Shores is infested with slap juice barrels and truckloads, meaning that at any point, you're never too far from heals and a significant speed boost. Other than that, Slappy offers a high concentration of chest spawns which makes finding good loot incredibly simple and makes the location much more accessible to those in squads.

Unfortunately, the abundance of loot and heals make Slappy Shores a trendy drop point for many Fortnite veterans. If you're planning to land in Slappy Shores, you should expect fierce competition right off the bat and be prepared to engage multiple opponents at once. Despite the high difficulty and poor map placement, Slappy Shores is still one of the best places to land in Fortnite Chapter 4, mainly due to its rich loot concentration and abundance of heals.

4. Shattered Slabs

Chest Spawns: 24 regular, 2 Oathbound

Positioning: Medium

Difficulty: Medium

Shattered Slabs is an old mining quarry located in the southwestern area of the map. The location is home to 24 chest spawns, of which 2 are Oathbound chests. Oathbound chests are an evolution of Fortnite's legendary chest feature. These special chests drop twice the loot as a regular chest and grant the player a higher chance of getting legendary and epic loot. In Shattered Slabs, players can find the Oathbound chests on the outskirts of the main quarry, in houses, and on the surrounding hills. They should be hard to miss due to their unmistakable white glow and marble finish.

Positionally, Shattered Slabs is just a stone's throw from the central lake at the base of Anvil Square. For the most part, it's relatively easy to rotate to other locations and storm circles from Shattered Slabs, providing that your destination is not on the eastern corners of the map. From a difficulty standpoint, Shattered Slabs is suitable for those with more passive playstyles or casual Fortnite players. Landing in Shattered Slabs does not guarantee an action-packed start or even running into a single firefight, as it's not a hugely popular location in the Fortnite community. This could be due to the level design of the area and the way it emphasizes verticality with gigantic stone pillars contrasting steep cliff edges and caverns. The exaggerated verticality of the mines makes building essential for survival and dominance in Shattered Slabs. Ultimately, Shattered Slabs is a well-rounded location that promises tons of loot, an easy early game, and a manageable rotation to storm circles or other areas. For these reasons, we've included Shattered Slabs in our list of the top 5 best places to land in Fortnite Chapter 4.

3. Anvil Square

Chest Spawns: 56 regular, 2 Oathbound

Positioning: Great

Difficulty: High

Coming in at number 3 on our list is Anvil Square, Chapter 4's new mega spot and easily the most popular location in the new update. Anvil Square is Fortnite carnage at its best, where every corner spells danger, and every building is infested with enemies looking to headshot your face off and dance on your corpse. In many ways, Anvil Square is the latest in a long line of Tilted Towers reincarnations. However, while it has the qualities of a spiritual successor in terms of playstyle and popularity, Anvil Square is structurally and aesthetically very different from the cult-classic Tilted Towers location.

In keeping with Chapter 4's medieval theme Anvil Square's architecture perfectly fits the medieval town archetype. It captures all the hallmarks of the time period, such as tiled roofs, cement castles, and fortified entrances. The remarkable level design and classic Fortnite art style, paired with the game's new use of the Unreal engine, make for a beautifully realized location that graphically rivals some of the best triple-A titles out on the market today. From a gameplay perspective, Anvil Square is full of opportunities, such as quests and bounties, while also delivering on the loot front. Inside the halls, castles, and towers of Anvil Square, you will find loot beyond your wildest imagination. The town has 2 Oathbound chests and 56 regular chest spawn locations, which is more than anywhere else on the map. The promise of endless looting is one reason why Anvil Square is such a favorite among Fortnite veterans and new players alike.

Another point contributing to this location's popularity is its position almost in the dead center of the map. Landing in Anvil Square makes rotations to the next storm circle straightforward, as nine times out of ten, you will already be in zone or very close by. These factors make Anvil Square a difficult place to land because they attract fierce competition. It's often the best or most confident players in the lobby who take a crack at landing here, which means that to survive, you have to contend with high-intensity skirmishes and be ready to get into a gunfight at any time.

Overall, Anvil Square is a fantastic place to drop because of the amount of loot and the fact that it is geographically superior to all other locations. That being said, to thrive in such a competitive environment, you have to accept that you will die many times and embrace the mayhem and chaos of Fortnite.

2. Dock next to Shattered Slabs

Chest Spawns: 5 regular, 3 Oathbound

Positioning: Medium

Difficulty: Very Low

2nd on our list, we've gone with a more lowkey spot on the map that doesn't have its own title, and that's the dock southwest of Shattered Slabs. At first glance, this random dock on the western coast of the Fortnite island seems unremarkable and empty. However, if you land there, you will be surprised to find a mouthwatering total of 3 Oathbound chests, all within spitting distance of each other. And, the best part is that the area is almost always uncontested, which allows you to loot calmly and free of worry. Being a generic dock, the location doesn't offer many gameplay opportunities, meaning there are no quests or bounties to accept. In short, landing here means trading the chance of better strategic positioning for a passive start and potentially game-changing loot. If you're a casual player looking for an easy start, this drop is a no-brainer because it gives you a way to avoid the sweats and tryhards, at least until the later stages of the game.

1. Peninsula West of The Citadel

Chest Spawns: 14 regular, 4 Oathbound

Positioning: Medium

Difficulty: Low

Our number one pick for the best place to land in Fortnite Chapter 4 is another unnamed point west of The Citadel. We chose to omit more popular locations, such as Faulty Splits and The Citadel, because of their inherent difficulty and because we wanted to highlight some lesser-known gems. Our favorite of these lowkey picks is located just west of The Citadel on a peninsula attached to the island's coast. From afar, the peninsula looks deserted but take a closer look, and you'll find a picturesque castle, a dock in the bay, and an area rich in loot. Scattered across the peninsula are 14 regular chests and 4 Oathbound chest spawns, more than anywhere else on the map. This tiny area has earned our love by being incredibly dense with loot and remote enough that it often remains unvisited. The one downside to landing on this peninsula is that it is quite poorly positioned on the map, making rotations longer and riskier than necessary. But, if you're willing to overlook that tiny flaw, you'll definitely find it becoming one of your new favorite landing spots for guaranteed good loot and a safer start to your game.

The importance of a strong start in Fortnite cannot be overstated. A strong start in Fortnite terms translates to getting good loot and even racking up a few kills before the first zone closes. If you do this successfully, you will probably already find yourself sporting epic or legendary gear by the time the second storm circle comes around. From there, it's about using your skills and game experience to close out the win and reach the coveted Victory Royale. Thankfully, with this new knowledge of the map and the five best landing spots in Chapter 4, you should be able to start your games with an advantage over other players and set yourself up for success in the long run. 

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