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11 Strange Things You Can Actually Bet On

Tired of the Same Old Bets? Here's a list of the most bizarre things that people are actually betting on

Regular betting can sometimes get predictable. Well, there are plenty of bizarre options to have fun, get entertained, and win. From alien invasion down to the childhood game of rock, paper, and scissors, the world of betting offers an abundance of weird options. So, if you are in for this wild ride, read along and explore 11 bizarre things you can bet on!


#11 - Weather Betting is a Thing

Ever argued with a friend about the weather forecast? You swear it'll rain tomorrow, they say sunshine all the way. Weather betting lets you turn that friendly disagreement into a real wager!

Here's how it works:

  • Forget sports, bet on the weather- Instead of picking teams or predicting game scores, you're placing bets on actual weather conditions. Will it rain or be a scorcher?
  • Knowledge is your best weapon- Weather can be unpredictable, but the more you know about your area's historical patterns, the better. Think back to past Mays - was it usually rainy? This helps you decide your bets.
  • Odds depend on likelihood- Just like any bet, there's a chance of winning or losing. The odds depend on how likely something is to happen. Betting on rain in a desert will likely offer much better odds than sunshine in July Florida because rain in the desert is far less common.

Note that weather betting isn't everywhere. While it's available in some places like the UK and US online, always check the laws in your area first. It might not be legal where you live.


#10 - Betting on Alien Invasions

I can't say I've placed any bets on aliens invading, but I have heard about some truly bizarre ones. People never stop wondering about aliens visiting Earth.

Imagine betting on whether aliens will make contact with Earth before a certain date, or which countries will the aliens invade first. It's all about finding something outlandish that could happen.

Casinos and online sportsbooks with a lot of creative freedom might offer these kinds of wacky bets and usually, these are more for fun and entertainment than anything else. The odds are usually super low (1 in a million), so it's not a serious way to win money.

Bookies are saying there's a 7% chance they'll visit good old Uncle Sam (USA) first, with odds of 12 to 1. We have no clue what the first alien we meet will look like; they might be a color our eyes can't even see, and odds say that there's a 22.2% chance of that.

#9 - Bet on the Next US President

Right after we bet on the alien invasion, let's head over and place some wager on who'll be the next US President!

Countries like the UK and Australia have betting markets for the US presidential election, where people can place their bets. Betting on US politics is not yet permitted in the US, with sportsbooks unable to offer odds on elections within the country. However, bettors located in countries where political betting is allowed can access online betting sites to place wagers.

Despite a 40% approval rating in April, Joe Biden has managed to narrow the gap with Donald Trump in both polls and 2024 US presidential betting odds.

Canadian platforms have Trump's odds at +100 and Biden at +110, making the race almost even. The odds for Trump imply a win probability of 50%, while Biden's odds imply a win probability of 47.62%.

#8 - Betting on the Apocalypse

Have you ever heard of betting on the End of the World or the apocalypse? It may sound bizarre, but some people bet on when and how they think the world will end. These unique bets can be placed on online betting sites, where you can put your money down on your predictions.

For example, some people might bet on the year they believe the world will end, such as before the end of 2018. If they were to place a $100 bet and the world indeed ended before January 1, 2019, they would win $50,000. However, the irony is, that if the world did end, it would be impossible to collect the prize money.

This type of betting is strange, but it seems to be legal in some countries where gambling is permitted. It's fascinating to think that people are wagering their money on something as unpredictable as the end of the world. It appears that some individuals just enjoy a good gamble, no matter how unconventional it may be.

#7 - Celebrity Deaths

I can't believe some people bet on celebrity deaths. It's weird and creepy, but apparently, it's a thing. People make bets on which celebrity they think will die next. How morbid is that?

It works simply by picking a celebrity you think will kick the bucket soon, and if they do die, you win money. It's like a sick game of predicting death. I've heard that some betting sites in the UK and Australia offer odds on celebrity deaths. Can you imagine placing a bet on someone's life?

As for the legality of this bizarre bet, it depends on where you are. In some countries, it's considered illegal because it's gambling on someone's death. But in other places, it's allowed as long as it's done through licensed betting sites. 

#6 - Slap Contest

Remember the famous episode of "How I Met Your Mother?" that's where slap betting began. Slap bets are pretty straightforward. You make a bet with someone, and whoever loses gets a smack on the arm by the winner. The suspense is killer because you never know exactly when the slap is coming! 

The odds are usually even, as it's simply between two people. You win, you slap; they win, they slap. It's as simple as that. By now, slap betting has turned into some sort of real competition for some people, maybe even a sport. They have their ways to decide a winner, sort of like boxing or MMA.

There are three main ones:

  • Knock Out (KO)- This is more or less like normal fighting. If your slap knocks your opponent out, you naturally win.
  • Technical Knock Out (TKO) - if you can't stand up after a slap, then the referee should count to ten. Even if you are conscious, the knockout should be a TKO, and you will lose.
  • Scoring- Here is where the fun begins. During every round, one has the scoring advantage and becomes able to use the effectiveness of the slap, combined with how the opponent managed the slap. The better the slap is and the poorer your opponent reacts to it, the more points you receive. Just win enough points over several rounds and you take the win!

Online slap betting is not legal in many places due to varying state laws. Even where it is legal, there are not many websites that allow it. Therefore, if you are serious about online slap betting, you may want to set up accounts at several sportsbooks to increase your options and find the best odds for your bets.


#5 - Crypto Up or Down?

Cryptocurrencies are already super volatile, and up-down betting can lead to you losing everything you bet if you're not careful. Did you know that Crypto Up/Down betting is becoming a bigger thing, especially in places where people are already trading cryptocurrencies legally? 

How does Crypto Up/Down Work?

Pick a Coin, Up or Down- You have to pick a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, and guess if its price will go way up or way down within a short time, like minutes or even hours. Crypto markets are more volatile than a politician's promises. 

Odds Change- Unlike a coin toss, the odds in this game can change depending on two things:

  • Market Up/Down- If the whole crypto market is doing well. let's say the prices are going up, the odds of your chosen crypto going up specifically might be lower.
  • Coin's History- The crypto's recent price action matters too. A coin that's been jumping around a lot might have higher odds compared to a stable one.


#4 - The Last Note of the National Anthem in the Super Bowl

Now things are getting more bizarre as we are almost down to the top spot. In 2018, Pink purposely extended the last note of the national anthem in the Super Bowl to mess up with the bettors. The Super Bowl is a haven for prop bettors and there are more wacky ways to win:

  • Longest Note
  • Botch Lines
  • Guess the Fashion

Country music legend Reba McEntire sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl 58. The bet was on whether the last note would be more or less than 1 minute and 30.5 seconds. The odds are:

  • Over 1 minute and 30.5 seconds: +102
  • Under 1 minute and 30.5 seconds: -128

Despite the short time limit of 90 seconds for the anthem, McEntire breezed through it. However, she held the final note for extra drama, pushing the performance to around 95-96 seconds and landing squarely on the "over" for many bets.


#3 - Snail Racing

Yes, its true, betting on snail racing is a thing! I bet you didn't expect that these days this is popular in some parts of the world, especially in the UK. Snail racing is a popular backyard or fundraising event in England and there's even a "World Snail Racing Championships" annually.

Online bookmakers even have a dedicated tournament for virtual snail racing. And like regular slots, you place your bets before playing.

#2 - Spider Fighting

It started as a "poor man's" betting in the islands of the Philippines and some parts of South East Asia. But now, Spider Fighting has blown into a full online live betting scene. Similar to cockfighting, people might wager money on which spider will win.

Spider fighting can be categorized into several types, including competitive fighting, live fighting, and caged fighting. Competitive fighting involves trained spiders performing predetermined choreographed routines against one another, while live fighting involves actual predator-prey encounters. Caged fighting, also known as spider wrestling, involves spiders being pitted against each other in a cage and fighting to death.

Ultimately, spider fighting is considered illegal. But, they don't just use any spiders, the most popular choice for spider fights is the Neoscona punctigera, but other Neoscona species like Neoscona aldinei and Neoscona rumpfi are also used.

#1 - Rock, Paper, Scissors

The most bizarre things can sometimes be the simplest. Just like the childhood game of chance, Rock Paper Scissors (RPS).

Surprisingly, this game has made its way into the world of gambling. The game involves throwing one of three hand gestures to overpower your opponent. However, what adds an unexpected layer of complexity is the act of placing bets on the outcome. This form of betting is prevalent in Asia, where the cultural familiarity with the game makes it a natural choice for gambling.

Unlike skill-based casino games like poker or blackjack, RPS heavily relies on luck. Although there are strategies that involve reading and using probability, the final result ultimately depends on a single hand gesture.

Just imagine the feeling of losing a significant amount of money on a game decided by a random throw of the hand! In certain casinos, especially in Asia, you can even participate in live RPS matches against a dealer. This adds a more structured element to the game and removes some of the casual aspects.

If you are interested in trying your luck on Rock, Paper, and Scissors betting, some sites offer online betting too.

Can Things Get Weirder?

Gambling can be more than just sports and casinos, it gets wild with bizarre bets commonly known as prop bets. Just like how we explored some of the weirdest, funniest, and even creepiest wagers you can imagine. 

Prop bets technology and online growth will likely lead to a future where wagers are more dynamic, personalized, and interactive. Who knows? Online bookmakers and apps might include social features that allow creating and sharing these bizarre bets with friends, adding a whole new layer of community, experience, and competition to online prop betting.

The world of prop bets can be strange and exciting, but it's important to remember that gambling laws vary. Before placing any wagers, be sure to check the regulations in your area to ensure you're betting legally and responsibly. GameChampions has listed all the newest, legit, tested, and trusted sites so you don't have to. 

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