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Cheat Codes for Kingdom Hearts 3

Make Your KH3 Playthrough Easier With This List of Re:Mind EZ Codes

kingdom hearts 3 cheat codes ezImage Source: Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 3 was released in 2019, with the DLC Re:Mind coming out a year later with a new story and several new boss battles for players to enjoy. The game doesn’t feature online PvP play, so it got me thinking, are there cheats in Kingdom Hearts 3? 

Well, while there aren’t any cheats in KH3, if you’ve got the DLC, then there are menu commands you can add to the game to make your gameplay much easier and smoother than before. So let’s go over the KH3 Re:Mind Premium Menu, how to access it, and what you can do with it. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind - How to Access Premium Menu 

To be able to gain access to the Premium Menu in Kingdom Hearts, you’re going to have to pick up the Re:Mind DLC. Unfortunately, the menu is not available for players who only have the base game. So you’ve got to spend some money if you want to make the game easier. 

Now if you’ve got the DLC installed and start a new game or New Game+ you will be asked whether you want to select the EZ Code menu, Pro Code menu or neither. If you want, you can also add these menus to existing save files by completing the Re:Mind secret episode. 

What is the Difference Between EZ Codes and Pro Codes?

Kingdom Heart III EZ and Pro CodesImage Source: Square Enix

When selecting a new game, players will have to make a choice in the beginning. Players can pick an “easy adventure” or a “challenging adventure” which will enable either the EZ Codes or the Pro Codes for their adventure. 

Adding EZ Codes will make the playthrough much simpler and well… easier (duh). On the other hand, the Pro Codes can be combined to make the game more difficult for those who like to challenge themselves. If you choose neither, then you go on a regular Kingdom Hearts adventure.

EZ Codes: An Easy Adventure In Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind

By choosing an easy adventure, you’ll be granted access to the EZ Codes. These are designed to make your playthrough simple and easy. However, if you choose this mode you will not unlock trophies. You can still get the Oathkeeper though, and you can still go through the Critical Mode. 

how to access ez codes menu in kh3Image Source: Square Enix

EZ Codes

  • Auto-block: Enemy attacks are blocked automatically when the player is not attacking.
  • HP Regen: Health points regenerate on their own.
  • MP Rege: Mana points replenish automatically.
  • Focus Regen: The Focus Gauge fills up by itself.
  • Form Change: The Formchange Gauge incrementally increases over time.
  • Attraction Pass: Attraction indicators occur more frequently.
  • Best Combination: Team commands are more frequent in combat.
  • Overflow: The Rage Form command activates more often.
  • Everlink: The duration of Summon Links is significantly extended.
  • AP Free: All abilities have no AP cost.
  • Survival: Strength and Magic attributes are tripled for allies and foes alike.
  • Cooking Master: Guaranteed Excellent rating when cooking with Little Chef.
  • Shop Discount: Prices for all items in the shop are reduced by 50%.
  • Gummi Ship Meister: Gummi ship level is maximized to 99, and all Gummi ship items are upgraded to their maximum.

Pro Codes: Challenging Adventure in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind

Now, if you’re like me and don’t want any of this easy stuff, then this is more like it. The challenging adventure will introduce the Pro Codes, which are actually going to make the gameplay harder, offering more challenges to veteran Kingdom Heart fans out there. 

pro codes menu Kingdom hearts 3Image Source: Square Enix

Pro Codes

  • Default Status: Team stats revert to their original default values, independent of level.
  • Zero Defense: Defense stats for the entire team are reduced to zero.
  • HP Slip: Team members' health points gradually decrease during battle.
  • MP Slip: Mana points for the entire team steadily decline over time during combat.
  • No Shotlock: Shotlocks are disabled for the player.
  • No Cure: The use of Cure magic is prohibited for all team members.
  • No Battle Items: The team is unable to use any items during combat.
  • No Links: The player is unable to initiate links.
  • No Formchanges/Grand Magic: Both Formchange and Grand Magic abilities are disabled.
  • No Attractions: Attraction commands are removed, except in specific special battles.
  • No Team Attacks: Team Attacks are disabled, with exceptions for certain special battles.
  • No Kupo Coins: Kupo Coins are rendered ineffective.
  • Ability Limit: A cap of 30 abilities is enforced for Sora.

Merits In Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind Premium Menu

merits menu kingdom hearts 3Image Source: Square Enix

Not only are there special menus in the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC, but there are also Merits, which are added challenges you can complete to earn achievements. These can be obtained throughout the story, but are not a necessity for the final ending. But who doesn’t like showing off their trophy case in a game, right? 

  • Aerial Challenge: Eliminate 13 foes in mid-air without touching the ground.
  • Rage Form Challenge: Use Rage Form to defeat 20 Shadows simultaneously.
  • Link Challenge: Employ a Link Summon to take down 77 enemies at once.
  • Icebreaker Challenge: Freeze and then shatter 30 enemies during a single battle.
  • Gigas Challenge: Utilize any attraction to eliminate 5 Gigas toys simultaneously.
  • Sky Walk Challenge: Traverse from the forest tower to the Kingdom of Corona entirely off the ground, permitting up to 5 landings.
  • Schwarzgeist Challenge: Achieve an A rank in defeating the Schwarzgeist in Misty Stream.
  • Bowling Challenge: Knock out 10 enemies at once with the Scream Strike team attack.
  • Survival Challenge: Complete a 2-Star Difficulty Battlegate with only the "Survival" code activated from the EX Codes menu.

These are all the challenges and the menu options you have in Kingdom Hearts 3. There are no official cheats from Square Enix that are known for players, so if you want to make your playthrough easier, then the EZ Codes are your best option. 

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