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How to make Power Cells in Lego Fortnite

Simple Steps To Make Power Cells for your Car

how to make power cell in lego fortnite for car

If you want to drive a vehicle in Fortnite Lego, then you first have to whip up a power cell and attach it to your ride. Let me guide you through how it's done. 

Lego Fortnite has finally made it possible to steer vehicles! Before, you could only maneuver them using sneaky tricks. Thankfully, that's all changed. But, it's not enough to just slap a steering wheel on your car. You need a power cell, which is basically the fuel for your ride. In this article, I’m going to show you how to craft a power cell in Lego Fortnite. 

This is How You Create The Power Cell

If you want to whip up a power cell, you first have to unlock the recipe. And for that, you're going to need a compost bin, which you'll find in the build menu. You’re also going to need a Crafting Bench at the Uncommon level, but let’s be real, you’ve got that by now, so I don’t need to tell you twice. 

lego fortnite compost bin for power cell car

So, to get the recipe for the Power Cell you’ll first have to build your Compost Bin, which if I’m being honest, is a great tool that can also help you get rid of unnecessary excess waste like the bones from all those pesky skeletons that annoy you throughout the night. 

To create the compost bin, you will need these tools: 

  • x5 Plank
  • x2 Soil
  • x1 Sand
  • x3 Fertilizer

Once you’ve created your compost bin you’ll be able to throw anything into it, as I have just mentioned, to then receive a biomass. Once you’ve got that, you’ll automatically receive the recipe for the Power Cell as well. 

Then you can move on to your Crafting Bench, where you will be making the Power Cell. To do so you need these items:

  • x50 Biomass (this is what you receive from your compost bin)
  • x6 Glass

how to craft a power cell in lego fortnite

Glass is a bit trickier to get, since you can either test your luck and hope that it drops when fighting foes, or you can create it yourself, though that will use some resources like Sand and Brightcore. 

Once you have all the materials, you’ll just have to find the torch tab in your Crafting Bench, where the Power Cell will be shown. Simply click on it and then you can craft it. 

It’s super simple once you’ve figured out the right steps. Now you’ll be able to create a Power Cell for your amazing Lego Fortnite car. 

Drive safe!

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