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Warzone 2 Ashika Island: Top 5 Landing Spots

When it comes to winning a match in Call of Duty Warzone there are few things more important than picking a good landing spot. Where you land affects everything from the kind of loot you find, the opponents you come up against, and how the rest of your match shapes up. Of course in the resurgence game mode, the significance of your landing spot is slightly undermined by the fact that you get to respawn and relocate to more favorable areas with such ease. But, it goes without saying that staying alive and keeping your loot dramatically increases your odds of being crowned victorious at the end of the match.

With the release of the highly anticipated Warzone 2.0 Season 2 and the comeback of resurgence, we’re here to find out which are the best landing spots in the new Ashika Island map. To figure this out we’ll narrow down the top 5 best drop points and rank them based on loot, their position on the map, and difficulty. 

Top 5 Best Landing Spots on Ashika Island:

5. Ōganikku Farms

Ōganikku Farms is the perfect drop point for players that like to take it easier in the early game and loot without too much confrontation. The area is essentially a barren wasteland with the exception of one central compound which contains the 8 massive greenhouses.

For new players, the greenhouses can sometimes be difficult to navigate considering they all look identical inside and out. The greenhouses offer a more grounded take on gameplay where most of your enemies will appear directly in front of you and encounters are limited to close/medium range.

In this range and with the little cover provided by the layout of the greenhouses shotguns and SMG’s rain supreme. To prosper in Ōganikku Farms we recommended picking up a powerful shotgun that can sweep squads away or a viciously fast SMG to spray at your enemies. Overall Ōganikku Farms is a calmer landing spot that offers decent loot and a relaxed early game at the expense of good map positioning.

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4. Town Centre

The town center is one of the main attractions of the new Ashika Island map. It’s located on the Western coast of the island and covers a significant portion of the map with its commercial area, market district, science buildings, and residential zone. As you can imagine loot is easy to come by in the Town Centre being that it’s such a large point of interest and it attracts hordes of enemy players every game.

The town center is a great starting spot because it connects you to a bunch of different points of interest such as Tsuki Castle which is linked through the underground water tunnels and the beach club which can be accessed by following the coastal promenade across the bridge to the south.

From an architectural standpoint, the town center is easily the most diverse location on the map with big commercial buildings juxtaposing smaller residential neighborhoods and local markets. The landscape variety enhances combat with its emphasis on verticality and strategic cover. Every encounter in the town center is unique and different from the last. That’s why the town center is also one of the best places to land if you’re looking for that classic, unmistakable close-quarter COD mayhem that has defined the series for decades.

3. Tsuki Castle

Towering over the region, located in the middle of Ashika island lies an imposing Japanese castle reminiscent of something out of Ghost of Tsushima or the best samurai jack episodes. The castle named Tsuki Castle imbues the island and the map with a sense of mysticism and historic prominence that’s not usually found in your everyday run-of-the-mill triple-A shooter.

However, when you look deeper you’ll realize that for every way that Tsuki Castle impresses with its striking beauty and ingenious level design, it also falls short due to shallowness and unoriginality. The developers go to such lengths to ensure that Tsuki Castle is visually realized with stunning definition and attention to detail but they ultimately fail to dramatize the region and create compelling lore that supports the impressive landmark. Narrative foundation and lore is the key element that separates every cool map or interesting location in gaming from those truly special locales that players never forget. Questions like: Who’s castle was this? Why was it built? or How did it come to be abandoned? Instead of exploring the answers to these questions in their blog Activision ignores and downplays their importance by focusing purely on the physical layout of the castle.

Without a story, Tsuki Castle is just an illusion, beautiful and mystical on the outside but hollow and devoid of life on the inside. In the end, it’s hard to see this as anything but a missed opportunity considering how visually captivating Tsuki Castle is and how perfectly it lends itself to narrative exploration.

With all that said, Tsuki castle remains a masterpiece in level design—as we mentioned before—especially when it comes to verticality. Tsuki Castle is a dynamic playground with three layers: the rooftops, the grounds, and the water tunnels. The roofs of the main stronghold stand as the tallest structure on Ashika island and provide dozens of good vantage points and countless great sniping opportunities. On the ground level, the neighboring barracks and gardens are the perfect stage for classic 1v1 gulag-esque encounters with your enemies. And lastly, underneath the castle itself lies a secret submarine base connected with underground waterways. Fighting underground presents an entirely different cat-and-mouse style gameplay that incorporates the swimming and stealth mechanics to great effect. In short, Tsuki Castle is fun because of the variety and freedom that it gives to the player. That’s also why it’s one of the most popular locations on the island and one of the hottest drops of all. However, those brave enough to venture into the walls of this majestic and mysterious palace are rewarded with insane loot and the perfect strategic position in the exact center of the island.

2. Apartments outside Ōganikku Farms

These two towering apartment complexes directly opposite of Ōganikku farms are the most popular unnamed location on the new Ashika Island map. These buildings are notorious for their high loot concentration and dynamic combat opportunities. The twist here is that the buildings are positioned so close together that any player with a little mechanical know-how can easily jump back and forth between each complex. This means that players have to pay attention not only to the enemies on their horizontal axis but also be wary of what’s happening above and below their field of view.

Once again the claustrophobic hallways and stairwells lend themselves perfectly to the trademark chaotic COD gameplay that fans have grown to love. Additionally, the buildings are flanked by a communal pool and a couple of tennis courts. For those in a hurry, the pool presents the opportunity for a faster descent by ignoring the open parachute prompt and free-falling into the depths. It’s up to each player to weigh up the risk vs reward of taking the plunge. For the most part, risking death or critical damage is not advisable or advantageous but sometimes like at the beginning of matches or when an area is becoming crowded on rotation then those extra seconds can make the world of difference.

1. Beach Club

The beach club has it all, high rooftops, deserted piers, and a scenic promenade along the island’s southwestern coastline. What’s not to love? There’s loot peppered in every crevice of the main aquarium building as well as along the beach and in the tidal pools. Aside from just loot the beach club is also a great place to land because it puts you and our squad within spitting distance of the town center. Being so close to another major point of interest allows you and your squad to hit both spots and loot them in one go if you’re fast and coordinated enough. Additionally, the beach club is also near the underground water tunnels which grant you access to many different landmarks of the island. Ultimately, the beach club is a high-action spot that delivers on the promise of good loot and flexible rotation opportunities. 

In the end, the importance of starting strong in the resurgence game mode can't be overstated. Landing in the right spot is one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for success in a game of resurgence. Thankfully, with this new knowledge of Ashika Island and the best landing spots you should be able to start your games off with an advantage over other players and have a better understanding of the map as a whole

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