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Rarest Fortnite Emotes in the Game

In the electrifying world of Fortnite, where skins and emotes are currency, some emotes have attained near-mythical status. These elusive emotes add an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay. In this article, we dive into the top 10 rarest Fortnite emotes, revealing their last appearances and what makes them prized collectibles.

1. Fresh (Epic)

  • Last Seen: November 21, 2018 (over 1,800 days ago)
  • Price: 800 V-Bucks
  • Rarity: The rarest emote in Fortnite history, inspired by the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' dance.

2. Widow's Pirouette (Marvel Series)

  • Last Seen: May 6, 2019 (over 1,634 days ago)
  • Rarity: A Black Widow-inspired emote with sporadic appearances.

3. Kiss the Cup (Uncommon)

  • Last Seen: July 28, 2019 (over 1,551 days ago)
  • Rarity: Commemorating the Fortnite World Cup 2019, this emote rarely returns.

4. Welcome! (Uncommon)

  • Last Seen: October 13, 2019 (over 1,474 days ago)
  • Rarity: Tied to the Chapter 1, Season 10 finale, this emote is an uncommon sight.

5. Go home! (Uncommon)

  • Last Seen: October 13, 2019 (over 1,474 days ago)
  • Rarity: Another relic from Chapter 1, Season 10's dramatic ending.

6. Head Banger (ICON series)

  • Last Seen: April 27, 2020 (over 1,277 days ago)
  • Rarity: A basic dance that's become an infrequent visitor to the shop.

7. Raise the Cup (Uncommon)

  • Last Seen: August 22, 2020 (over 1,160 days ago)
  • Rarity: Celebrating Liverpool's trophy win, this emote is scarce.

8. Zombie Shambles (Uncommon)

  • Last Seen: November 6, 2020 (over 1,084 days ago)
  • Rarity: A unique zombie walk emote that's been MIA for over 1,000 days.

9. Out With The Old (Uncommon)

  • Last Seen: January 1, 2021 (over 1,028 days ago)
  • Rarity: A poignant emote marking the transition from 2020 to 2021.

10. Sing Along (Uncommon)

  • Last Seen: January 5, 2021 (over 1,024 days ago)
  • Rarity: Originally for sale, it was later given away for free, making it rare.

Owning any of these emotes is like holding a piece of Fortnite history. They're badges of honor and a sign of your status as a seasoned Fortnite veteran. These gems, shrouded in rarity, have yet to make a return to the Item Shop, making them even more alluring.

Tips for Emote Collectors

  • Keep an Eye on the Item Shop: While these emotes are rare, some may return to the Item Shop during special events or collaborations. Stay vigilant for any surprise appearances.

  • Trade with Caution: Some players are willing to part with their rare emotes, but be cautious when trading, as scams can happen. Use trusted trading platforms or official Fortnite channels for safe exchanges.

  • Embrace the OG Status: If you own these rare emotes, wear them with pride. You're part of an exclusive club of Fortnite veterans, and your emotes are a testament to your dedication to the game.

FAQs about Rare Fortnite Emotes

Q1: Are these emotes ever coming back to the Item Shop?

As of now, these rare emotes remain elusive, with no signs of making a triumphant comeback. The only way to acquire them is by purchasing an account that already boasts these exclusive emotes.

Q2: How can I trade for rare emotes?

Trading for rare emotes can be risky, as scams are prevalent. Use official Fortnite trading platforms or trusted channels to ensure secure exchanges.

Q3: What makes an emote rare in Fortnite?

An emote's rarity is determined by factors like its last appearance in the Item Shop, limited availability, and exclusivity tied to specific events or collaborations.

Q4: Why do players value rare emotes?

Rare emotes hold value as they signify a player's status as a seasoned Fortnite veteran and can add an exclusive flair to their in-game persona.

As Fortnite continues to evolve, these rare emotes remind us of the game's rich history. Whether they return or remain exclusive, they are a testament to your journey as a Fortnite warrior. Flaunt your gaming legacy and assert your dominance on the battlefield with these prized collectibles.

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