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Z League vs. Game Champions Face-Off

Z League and Game Champions are two titans of the esports gaming industry. Both websites offer a simple and fun way for casual gamers to earn money playing video games through 1v1 matches, bet on yourself missions and large-scale tournaments. This article will pit these two platforms against each other in a head-to-head matchup and explore how they are similar and, on the flip side, how both differ from one another.

Customer Support

Any online platform that puts emphasis on a quality user-experience lives and dies by the efficacy of its customer service. Customer service is essential for building trust between users and their platform of choice. Is it easy to reach the support team? Do they respond in good time? Are they helpful and well-mannered? All these things are determining factors that make a gaming platform reliable or unreliable in the eyes of the players.

Fortunately, both Z League and Game Champions have very responsive support channels. Z League offers traditional email address support while also giving users the option of joining their Discord server. The supposed benefits of joining the discord are the increased interaction between moderators and players and access to a more efficient way of receiving important updates.

Our experience testing these support channels has been a largely positive one with the only drawback being the absence of multilingual options. In the end, we found that Z League’s customer service is built on two pillars: a helpful and agreeable support staff and speedy response times, the combination of their strengths makes for a streamline problem resolution process.

Similarly, the Game Champions support system is centered around fast, and friendly communication while having the added features of 24/7 availability via WhatsApp chat. The decision to switch the primary support channel from Discord to Whatsapp was made in response to a recent surge of growth in the Game Champions player base. We believe this change allows us to deliver a quicker, more personal customer support package with a team that is available at any hour of the day. That being said, our mentality is that having more options is always a good thing, which is why our Discord server remains active and relevant today.

The idea is that the two channels will work synergistically to provide one of the smoothest and most comprehensive support experiences in the industry. Overall, after evaluating the customer support systems of both platforms, it’s clear that they are both very reliable and of the highest standard. Z League has direct communication via email and a more developed Discord server than the one found on Game Champions. However, Game Champions provides a greater variety of support channels and promises unparalleled 24/7 availability for its users.

Skill-Based Matchmaking

The issue of skill is at the heart of everything that makes these platforms work or not. From a player perspective, it determines everything from your enjoyment of the platform to your winnings to the way you interact with the rest of the community. Striking the right balance between fair competition and the freedom to choose your opponents is probably the single most important decision that a gaming platform has to make.

In the case of Z League and Game Champions, both sites employ some form of skill-based matchmaking to ensure that players are competing at their respective levels and not facing off against pros. Z League has a divisions system set in place for their tournaments that groups players off based on their skill level and allows them to compete in a closed table. It is unclear how Z League determines these skill divisions but their site claims that it’s done through an algorithm that evaluates your match history data and ranks you accordingly.

Z League tournaments have a capped amount of teams per division and the algorithm will continue to create new divisions every time one of them is filled up—the tournaments have no maximum capacity. On the flip side, Game Champions doesn’t divide up its tournaments but instead ranks every individual player on the platform on a 1-5 star gradient—with level 5 being the veterans and level 1 being beginners.

Our platform also uses an advanced algorithm to analyze player data and assign a star level for every player on the site. Your star level determines who you can and cannot play against on regular terms. The restrictions prevent you from being able to play against someone with a difference of 2 or more star levels.

These regulations are in place to protect casual gamers from deceitful veteran players who are looking to exploit them and take all their money. Star levels are public for every player to see which is good for casuals as it gives them the chance to scout out their opponents and only accept matches they feel comfortable with. However, if you still feel compelled to play against someone outside of your star-level range then you can always do so using our Champions Draft mode. Champions draft is our trademark FIFA game mode that assigns both players a specific team based on skill level. If you’re a 1-star player you might be given Real Madrid or Manchester City for example and that will give you a fighting chance against a level 5 opponent who is playing with India.

The vision of Champions Draft perfectly embodies what skill-level matchmaking is all about: the balance between freedom and protection. In the end, while both platforms facilitate some form of skill-level matchmaking it’s only on Game Champions where players have complete freedom over the opponents they choose to play.

Free Tournaments

The beauty of the free tournament lies in the simple promise of a low-risk, high-reward environment where gamers can come together to compete at their own level and showcase their talents. Free tournaments are a fantastic way for newcomers to become familiar with a platform by playing and learning the ropes before having to commit any of their own hard-earned money. To that end, the ability to play matches for free is something that gives any gaming platform an added sense of credibility and helps build trust among the player base.

In this respect, Z League and Game Champions are the perfect entry-level gaming platforms, as they both offer some variety of free tournaments. As you can see from the comparison table, Z League has a half mark in the free tournaments category. The reason for the partial credit is that Z League’s free tournaments all come with a catch. In short, Z League does offer free-entry tournaments, but instead of monetary rewards, winning players receive a pre-determined amount of Z League credits.

These credits function the same way as tickets in an arcade, in the sense that they can be exchanged for merchandise and cosmetic prizes in the online store. Unavoidably, the absence of a real cash prize takes away some of the incentive to win and, as a result, damages the competitive edge of the tournament. While testing this game mode, we found noticeably reduced player activity and lower average winning scores.

Ultimately, Z League’s free tournaments are a fun distraction from the main game modes, but they fail to deliver in certain key areas, namely the promise of a big cash pot reward. On the other hand, Game Champions offer large-scale free tournaments with mouthwatering cash prizes that put emphasis on you, the gamer. We understand that your time is sacred, which is why our tournaments are set up in different timeframes. Some competitions last a full week, some last a weekend, and some last all the way down to 24 hours.

This design is meant to give players the flexibility and freedom to approach competitive gaming how they see fit. Aside from flexibility, the major attraction of our free tournaments is the astonishing prize pools, which are leagues above the industry standard. Game Champions is one of the few gaming platforms in the world where a player can take part in a casual gaming tournament for free and stand a chance at winning thousands of euros. The latest tournament we helmed was a 4-day FIFA 23 frenzy with a mega cash pot of 2000 euros.

This event smashed all of our previous records for player activity and number of live matches happening at once. The reason for this mode’s popularity is down to the two ingredients we discussed before: low risk and high potential rewards. In comparison, this is where Z League falls short as the credit rewards are simply not enticing enough to make players commit and really immerse themselves in the game.

Genre Variety

So far we have evaluated these platforms from a technical standpoint but now we turn our attention to something far more important and often overlooked which is the actual video games. After all, these are gaming sites which makes them reliant on the catalog of videogames that they offer. Both Z League and Game Champions exclusively feature a catalog of online video games.

These games are intentionally designed to be social experiences, prioritizing playing in a community over storytelling and artistic direction. Over the last few years, the market for online video games has grown exponentially and the free-to-play battle pass model has proved to be the number one most lucrative approach to game development.

Nowadays, everyone is racing to make the next battle royale or the next licensed sports game and it all tracks back to the universal success of the pioneer IPs: FIFA, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. These games were groundbreaking in different ways and have all left their mark on the landscape of online gaming and yet their most impressive feat is their longevity. Decades have passed since the original titles were released and still they manage to stay relevant and to dominate the market in 2022.

If you’re a fan of Fortnite, FIFA, or Call of Duty then Game Champions is the perfect place to start playing these games for money. We host free tournaments every day with mind-boggling cash prizes worth up to 2000 euros. Variety and choice are two values that we regard highly which is why our platform offers this mix of genres between shooters and sports games. In total Game Champions lets you select from a collection of 6 different games: FIFA 22, FIFA 23, Warzone, Fortnite, Madden 23, and NBA 2K23.

On top of this, our crossplatform support allows you to play without barriers on any console including old generation—PS4 and Xbox One. Z League on the other hand is narrower in scope providing a catalog of 3 games—Apex Legends, Warzone, and Halo Infinite—all pertaining to a single genre. On first impression, this lineup seems quite barebones but when you dive a bit deeper it’s revealed to be less of a shortcoming and more of a conscious choice.

By positioning itself in this niche online shooters market Z League is able to create a tighter and potentially more responsive community. That being said, their lackluster catalog still makes the site feel dull and manages to alienate a large group of competitive gamers who also enjoy sports simulators. In the end, it comes down to personal preference if you’re someone who’s really into shooters and you trust yourself against experienced PC players then Z League should be your go-to. However, if you want more freedom to play all your favorite games and you want to be in a casual gaming environment then Game Champions is the perfect entertainment hub.


Missions are a unique new feature exclusive to Game Champions which gives control back to the player. In our missions game mode, you get to bet against yourself and win electrifying cash prizes. How this works is through a cutting-edge self-evolving algorithm that aggregates data from your past performances on our site and then challenges you with a tailor-made target score that you have to reach.

If you agree with the assigned target you can take the bet and begin a solo match. You’re rewarded on the quality of your performance so depending on whether you reach or go past the determined goal you get to cash out different prizes. This scaling reward system keeps things fresh and makes every match feel like a cup final. And, the best part of it is that you’re in complete control. Missions put the player back in driving seat, this means no more waiting for challenges, no more delays caused by absent opponents, and no more cheaters. Missions are the perfect solo experience.

Z League vs GameChampions: Final Thoughts

In truth, it's impossible to judge exactly what makes a gaming platform good or not as it always comes down to the personal experience of the player. That being said, these 5 categories are great indicators of how likely you are to enjoy and feel at home on one of these sites. From this angle, it's clear that Game Champions has the more complete and well-rounded site while Z League is more niche and limited.

Both platforms pride themselves on their fantastic customer support and their AI-based matchmaking that ensures fair competition. What sets the two apart, however, is the added features that are available on Game Champions. Game Champions goes the extra mile by including free tournaments with epic cash prizes, a diverse videogame catalog, and the ability to bet against yourself in the missions game mode. In the end, it’s these unique and game-changing additions that elevate Game Champions above the competition.

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I’ve cultivated my writing skills and learned to marry my interests by working as a gaming journalist here at Game Champions. This is a perfect way to talk about the things I’ve always loved and share my thoughts with a wider audience.

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