Frequently Asked Questions



What is Game Champions?Game Champions is an online ESPORTS platform that allows players to win cash prizes playing their favourite video game. Player's can sharpen their skills in a variety of free tournaments, head to head matches and league competitions. Players can bet on their own performance to win prizes and reach the top of the leaderboards.


How do I sign up?You can sign up right NOW by clicking the link below.


Does it cost money to sign up?None at All! Signing up for Game Champions is completely free.


Is Game Champions legal?Absolutely! Game Champions promotes ESPORTS (games of skill) meaning that it isn’t classified as gambling since there is no luck or chance involved. 


Is Game Champions secure?Yes, the site is perfectly safe. We are extremely committed to making sure your confidential information is protected and secured. Our integrated payment gateway and SSL encryption protocol guarantees the security of your transactions while making your deposits and withdrawals fast and easy 


What if my question is not listed in the FAQ's?Our support team would love to help you. In our public chatbot, you have an option to live chat with a Game Champions agent. Press the question mark and our team will happily assist you. If you prefer to get support via email, you can contact our support team via email by emailing the following address:


Playing Games

How does it work?

To get started all you have to do is register and make a free account. Once you’re in, navigate to the 'Home' page and start playing by clicking the 'Play Now' button on any of the available games. From there, just click the 'Find a Match' button and a challenge will be posted in your name. Our innovative match-finding system will make certain that you always get matched with an opponent that is at your level of skill. We want to ensure that users have a fun and fair experience on our platform and that they don't end up playing people that are way better than them. Once another user accepts your challenge you will both enter a match against each other. 

Players can chat in the pregame lobby about specific game preferences or score advantages they want to agree on. Once you have entered a match—whether it is in 1v1 or in a tournament—the entry fee money is withdrawn from both players account and combined in a secure match account.

When the match is over and the winner has been declared both players will input their final scores. Once the results are verified by our game moderators the winner’s account will receive the entire combined wagered amounts.

What games are available with Game Champions?

At the moment we offer the following games: FIFA 21, FIFA 20, Call of Duty Warzone and NBA 2K21 with the inclusion of Black Ops Cold War, Apex Legends and other popular games soon to come. We are constantly working on adding and updating our game roster with new and fan favourite video games. 

How do I play a match?

You can start playing by clicking the 'Play Now' button on any of the available games on the home page. From there, simply click the 'Find a Match' button, post a challenge and wait for it to be accepted. Our unique skill-matching system will ensure that you always get paired with an opponent of similar skill level. Once your opponent accepts the challenge you will both enter in a match against each other. 

What is Champions Draft?

Champions Draft is the most entertaining and fair way of playing FIFA on our platform. This is a wholly original concept that intends to level the playing field between low and high star players, allowing for competition between the two to thrive in exciting and equitable new ways. Click here to learn more about our one of a kind new mode, Champions Draft.

How does the score work for shooter games like Warzone?

With shooters, we have a whole different set of rules. It’s essentially a kill-race, you both join the same party, play a full game and the player who has the most kills by the end takes home the money. If you both end with the same amount of kills then the game ends in a draw and both you and your opponent will be refunded immediately.

What happens if my opponent or I get disconnected from a match?

When there is a loss of connection, the player at fault will have to prove—with evidence—that the disruption occurred as a result of poor internet connection and/or unpredictable in-game errors. If the evidence is deemed legitimate by Game Champions moderators, then the match will be replayed in its entirety. If not, then the player who lost connection will be considered having quit the match and therefore forfeited the challenge. This means the player who lost connection will also lose the amount they wagered.

For these reasons, we encourage you to only use our service and take part in online matches if you have a secure and powerful Wi-Fi connection. In spite of all of this, you can still choose to play with a poor connection, but you will do so at your own discretion and risk. 

How do tournaments work?

Essentially, our tournaments will be done in a format called 'Friend Leagues'. Friend Leagues are designed to be social, unpredictable and incredibly thrilling from beginning to end. As the name would suggest Friend Leagues are all about the social element of online gaming. Create a private league of your own and invite all of your friends to bet and partake in a unique online gaming competition. Whoever wins takes home the pot consisting of every player's buy-in money. Choose the window of time you want the league to take place in—our tournaments usually span 24 hours, however, there will be weekly and monthly options. Players earn a standard 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 for a loss. By the end of the league's season, the player with the most points will get the prize money—score matters, in the case of a draw, goal difference will always be called in to question. 


How does Game Champions take commissions?

We charge a small 10% commission fee per match to keep the site running smoothly and to ensure we can provide the best 24/7 customer support available. 

Are there any monthly subscription fees?

Game Champions does not currently offer any monthly subscription plans and will therefore not take any monthly fee out of your account. 

What currency can I use?

Game Champions supports several currencies. Our secure payment system allows you to deposit in several currencies using fair and transparent conversion rates that are based on the official ECB (European Central Bank) interbank transfer rates.



How many active accounts can I have at one time?

Game Champions only allows you to play under one active account. Your PSN and XBOX Live Gamertags will be connected to your account and only yours.

How old do I have to be to create an account?

You need to be 18 years or older to register an account on our site.