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Best Fortnite Concerts and Events of All Time

12 Million Players Attended Travis Scotts' Astronomical Concert but are Fortnite Events still hype in 2024

Fortnite's virtual concerts with celebrities bring music to a wider audience, creating new standards for artistic experiences. Although nothing beats being in a crowd with other fans, it offers a more inclusive way to experience live music and so far, they've been a positive innovation. 

Genre-Bending Spectacles

Immersive- this is the best word I can describe Fortnite concerts. It has a combination of powerful music and impressive visual storytelling. Everyone went wild with Travis Scott’s performance, but who would have imagined Eminem? Here are some of the best Fortnite concerts.

The Big Bang Event (Eminem Concert, December 2023)


The Big Bang Event with Eminem’s concert in December 2023 was totally unexpected. Eminem is a legendary performer, and featuring him in Fortnite as a virtual character singing his iconic songs "Lose Yourself" and "Rap God" along with stunning visuals and pyrotechnics is just incredible. It's no surprise that 3 million people tuned in and were streamed across 147,000 channels. My inner teenager is screaming after that concert- a pure nostalgia overload! 

Travis Scott's Astronomical Concert (August 2020)


That giant Travis Scott was everything! The Astronomical concert offered larger-than-life visuals and I virtually felt a connection with other fans worldwide in one concert.

And guess what? Galactus showing up at the Travis Scott concert was an epic way to end an era in Fortnite! It was a significant turning point in the storyline. 

Groundbreaking Events

Marshmello's First Fortnite Concert (February 2019)


Although it's been years, Marshmello's concert at Pleasant Park was a game-changer. Thinking about those low-gravity dance moves still makes me laugh, it was the first-ever live event that Fortnite hosted and held a special place in history. Chasing colors was my favorite, what’s yours?


BTS' Dynamite Concert (September 2020)


Not a K-Pop fan before but bringing the global phenomenon BTS to Fortnite was electrifying. Their song Dynamite is now an earworm and I couldn’t stop humming it. 

The BTS’ Dynamite Concert was not a full event but it sure connected all the K-pop fans around the world. It even had a re-run the following day for fans who couldn't attend the premiere.


Ariana Grande's Rift Tour (August 2021)


Compared to the high-energy, action-packed concerts of Travis Scott or Marshmello, I found the Rift Tour a more relaxed and atmospheric experience. I like watching how relaxing Ariana is on her magical journey. 

Even though I can't recall many interactive elements, the overall experience of the Rift Tour was a visual feast, who else loved the smooth and floating vibes of the Ariana Grande Rift Tour?


More Fortnite Concerts

Diplo Presents Higher Ground (July 2020)


Diplo's concert in Fortnite was a total rave! I never thought I'd see Fortnite turn into a giant dance party. Luckily, it was super easy to join in on the fun. All I had to do was switch to Fortnite's Party Royale mode and head over to the Main Stage.

Epic Games even gave away a free "music-reactive" Afterparty Wrap during the residency. It felt like they were trying to get everyone involved and create a real community vibe around Diplo's shows.

The Higher Ground Live event seemed to be the big finale for Diplo's residency. It was such a chill night with amazing house music. His beats were perfect for just hanging out and enjoying the virtual party atmosphere.

Other Notable Concerts 

  • J Balvin's Neon Experience (vibrant Latin flair)
  • Kaskade's Reset (electronic and dance music)
  • Major Lazer's Lazerism (dancehall and electronic music)

Epic Live Story Events

Fortnite doesn't just offer explosive concerts, it also has these crazy live story events that totally change the whole game. Here are some of the most mind-blowing events I remember:

The Device Event (June 2020)

The Device Event with 2.3 Million Peak Viewers was a turning point in Fortnite lore! It was the first Chapter 2 event directly connected to the storyline, building up all this mystery around Midas and his device.

The back-and-forth with the event date of The Device Event was crazy! First, it was pushed back a week, then postponed again due to real-life events. It kept everyone on their toes. Epic Games did a fantastic job of hyping it up and I must say, it felt like a big, can't-miss moment.

The End (Part 1) (October 2019)

The whole black hole downtime was wild in The End Part 1! Epic Games went dark on social media, and all we had was this black hole livestream. It was creepy but cool at the same time. Then those cryptic numbers started appearing, then getting sucked into the black hole- honestly, I find them a bit scary. 

The Devourer of Worlds (December 2020)

I find The Devourer of Worlds event filled with so much hype. Facing off against Galactus, the massive battles, and the teamwork with iconic Marvel characters like Iron Man, Thor, and Wolverine – it was an unforgettable experience. Not to mention the cliffhanger ending!

The End (Part 2) (December 2021)

The build-up in The End Part 2 was solid and the ending was crazy. It was the surprise appearance of The Foundation (played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!) that made it even more exciting.

Operation: Sky Fire (September 2021)

Just when things couldn't get worse, the Cube strikes back in Operation: Sky Fire! Although it is not directly tied to the main game, this event was full of surprises. What I found hilarious about this event is that Epic never fails to have a laugh! Seeing them emote while we were fighting for our lives on a giant alien ship? Classic! 

Who's Next on Fortnite?

While picking a favorite Fortnite concert is tough Eminem's surprise appearance was undeniably unique! Epic Games really knows how to break the mold and keep players guessing.

Speaking of surprises, the news of Billie Eilish becoming a playable character and headlining the Fortnite Festival is a whole new level of collaboration. Rock band or K-Pop star next? Fortnite could have anyone, let's wait and see who's next in line!

About the author

Hassan Nouman

I am currently studying MSc Esports Production at Nottingham Trent University, Confetti London. I have graduated in Electronics from Government College University, Lahore.

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