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All the Cheats You Need for LEGO Jurassic World

You can select any character and get more Red Bricks with these cheat codes

cheat codes and unlocks for lego jurassic worldImage Source: Warner Bros.

In LEGO games, there are always cheats that let you snag some cool in-game perks for free. Here’s all the cheats for LEGO Jurassic World and a guide on how to use them.

LEGO Jurassic World dropped in 2015 on pretty much every platform you can think of—from Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, Wii U, PS3/Xbox 360, to Switch, PS4/Xbox One, and even PC. On all consoles, except handhelds (which might struggle to run cheats), you can use cheats to max out your fun. The best part? You’ll still snag achievements and trophies.

LEGO Jurassic World Cheats: How to Use them

how to use cheat codes in LEGO jurassic world gameImage Source: Warner Bros.

To use cheats in LEGO Jurassic World, just pause the game, open the "Extras" menu, select "Enter Code," and punch in your cheats. Yes, it’s that simple. There is nothing else you need to do to enhance your game to make it easier.

Once you’ve successfully put in one of the codes, you’ll be shown what exactly you’ve unlocked, which is also pretty nice. 

Complete List of LEGO Jurassic World Cheats 

list of all cheat codes lego jurassic worldImage Source: Warner Bros.

So now that you know how to use the LEGO Jurassic World cheats (it’s really not that hard) it’s time to know what you can even get with the cheats. So let’s go over all the available cheats in this LEGO game. 

Character Codes in LEGO Jurassic World

  • AU25GR: ACU Trooper (Female)
  • 28SPSR: ACU Trooper (Male)
  • VK3TP3: Carlos
  • 9GESXP: Carter
  • 5BETZ5: Cooper
  • RAVKRT: Dennis Nedry
  • EKCKLC: Dieter Stark
  • YQ6S7Z: Dino Handler (Vic or Bob)
  • AV9DTJ: Ellie Degler
  • A3HC7E: Henry Wu
  • 38YWVR: InGen Hunter
  • RMVVB8: InGen Mechanic
  • VZRSD3: InGen Mercenary
  • 8XL359: InGen Scout
  • SXZ7CC: Jenny (Raptor Handler)
  • QKBCWT: Jerry (InGen Guard)
  • 6MKHSG: Jimmy Fallon
  • PR2R6Y: John Hammond
  • 9NGZZQ: Josh (Gyrosphere Operator)
  • XTH9A3: Juanito Rostagno
  • 3FE78R: Jurassic Park Driver + Vehicle
  • 8WY3FV: Jurassic Park Warden (Female)
  • XJS7UY: Jurassic Park Warden (Male)
  • BX9Z6R: Jurassic World Paddoc Worker
  • GW9TGH: Jurassic Park Ranger
  • L5AU6Y: Jurassic World Worker (Female)
  • 7VNLJT: Jurassic World Young Raptor Handler
  • BRLNWC: Nash
  • 62539J: S.S. Venture Crewman
  • XVXGXF: Scientist (Female)
  • SKKLWC: Scientist (Male)
  • PFEBS6: Udesky

There are also codes for Red Bricks, which play a key role in the game.

Red Brick Codes

  • 5MZ73E: Multiplier x2
  • JYJAFX: Minikit Detector

LEGO games have a lot of different cheats in them, so this isn’t the only game where you can use cheats. And you can feel safe using these cheats; they are official cheats, and come direct from the developers to make the game a bit simpler. They’re free to use, so make sure to try them out next time you play LEGO Jurassic World. 

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