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Is COD: MW3 Servers Down?

Check out the sources below to find out the current status of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Servers

Modern Warfare 3 is attracting a mix of fresh faces and seasoned Call of Duty veterans. However, with all this extra traffic server glitches are not uncommon and can occasionally ruin your gaming experience. Discover all the details you need to know about the current server status of Call of Duty MW3 right here.

How to Check the Current MW3 Server Status

Activision Support Site

The official Activision Support site remains the primary and most official source for MW3 server status. It provides validated information on ongoing and resolved issues.

Activision Support Twitter

For instant updates and acknowledgment of player reports, the Activision Support Twitter account is invaluable. It serves as a real-time communication channel between the community and the support team.


While not foolproof, Downdetector can serve as an indicator of widespread issues. Use it cautiously, keeping in mind that individual network problems may sometimes be mistaken for server outages.

Checking Modern Warfare 3 Server Status

You have the option to check the status of the Modern Warfare 3 servers by visiting either the Sledgehammer Games website or Call of Duty Updates X/Twitter account. These accounts typically provide the fastest updates on ongoing server issues.

Although these are the most effective ways to confirm the MW3 server status, players can also visit the official Activision Support page, which highlights any ongoing issues across their various titles.

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Common MW3 Server Issues and Solutions

Packet Loss and Disconnections

MW3 players may encounter occasional packet loss and disconnections. While Activision addresses these issues, players can troubleshoot by checking their network connection, restarting the game, or consulting platform-specific support pages.

Server Health

Network issues, including rubber banding and hit registration problems, have been reported. While Activision works on improvements, players can mitigate these issues by staying informed and reporting problems promptly.

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