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Is Dead by Daylight Servers Down?

Check out the sources below to find out the current status of the Dead by Daylight Servers

If you're having trouble playing Dead by Daylight, it's important to find out if the problem is with your system or the game's server. There are many official channels that can give you updates on the server's status.

Checking DBD Server Status 

 Let's check them out:

Official Support

Frequented by the game's developers and support team, the Official Support Page is where you'll find the most precise information concerning any probable server downtime or maintenance.


For real-time updates on server status, tune into Dead by Daylight's Official Twitter Account. They often post about any maintenance breaks or issues with the servers, making it a reliable source to stay informed.


DownDetector acts as a third-party service that tracks realtime server issue reports from various social platforms. This platform is your go-to place when you want to confirm if others are experiencing similar connectivity problems.

Official Forum

At the Official Forum, you can speak directly with the game's community. Here, players often report any abnormalities they face in the game, providing first-hand updates.


The Dead by Daylight's Discord server is another reliable platform to get real-time server status updates. The game's Discord Channel hosts a vibrant community of gamers who share live experiences and issues. It's commonplace for users to post updates about any game downtime or issues. It's a rapid way of knowing if the DBD servers are experiencing any difficulties.

Common Connection Issues and Solutions 

Even though the Dead by Daylight servers are usually reliable, occasionally you may face connection issues. Fret not, such problems are common and often there are straightforward solutions to alleviate them. Here we dive into a few typical connection challenges along with possible troubleshooting methods. 

Issue 1: Game Crashing or Freezing 

If your game consistently crashes or freezes, it might be an issue with your device rather than the game server. One simple solution to try is restarting your game or the device you're playing on. It's also crucial to ensure that your device meets the game's system requirements and that your graphics drivers are up-to-date. 

Issue 2: Server Connection Failed 

When facing a 'Server Connection Failed' message, the game server may be down for maintenance or overloaded due to high traffic. Checking the server status from the aforementioned official channels could help clarify the situation. If the servers are up and running, try resetting your internet connection or waiting for a few minutes before retrying. 

Issue 3: High Ping or Lag 

Experiencing high ping or lag during gameplay can be due to many factors including, but not limited to, poor internet connection, outdated network adapters, and server location. Make sure to have a stable internet connection and update your network drivers. Using wired connections can significantly improve your online gaming experience over Wi-Fi. Lastly, try switching to a server closer to your location if possible. 

These are just a few examples of connection issues you may encounter while playing Dead by Daylight. Re<member, the game's official support channels stand at your disposal for further help. Moreover, the community on Twitter, Forums and Discord often shares valuable advice and solutions.