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Is Rust Servers Down?

Check out the sources below to find out the current status of the Rust Servers

We understand playing Rust comes with its own challenges and halts, with unexpected server downtime affecting game quest and action. Be it high ping rates, planned server maintenance or abrupt downtime, we share your frustration. To help you stay ahead, this article provides you with the latest information on Rust server status and guides you on how you can check the server status through multiple resources, ensuring you can plan your gameplay optimally. Let's dive right in.

Checking Rust Server Status

Below are trusted options to ensure you stay updated on the server's conditions extensively. These channels provide real-time updates, varying from official platforms to community-driven tools. Equip yourself with knowledge on server downtime, maintenances, and even instant server crash reports.

List of Public Servers 

This homepage,, provides a list of public servers, showing real-time statuses for each. Visiting this official site, you can quickly spot if an outage is affecting all servers or just the one you are trying to connect to. 

Official Rust Support 

For an in-depth view of the server status, you can reach out to Rust's Official Support. They can provide information on both ongoing and upcoming scheduled maintenance that could affect your playing time. 

Official Twitter 

The Rust official Twitter account is a great source of immediate updates. They often share real-time information regarding server states, planned downtimes and potential fixes for server-related issues. 


Downdetector offers an external view of Rust's server status, collected from user-reported data. This resource can be beneficial as it often highlights regional server issues that might not be visible on the official channels. 

Discord Server 

If you prefer a more community-centric source of information, Rust's official Discord server sees players sharing their experiences and support team giving responses in real-time. It acts as a real-time source of feedback for server performance from the worldwide Rust community.

Common Connection Issues and Solutions 

At times, despite the servers being up and running, you might still encounter some issues while trying to connect to the Rust game servers. Don’t worry! Here's a rundown of some common connection problems along with their respective solutions to assist you. 

High Ping 

If you're experiencing high ping, it could lead to a delay in your in-game actions which is often termed as lag. This could be due to your distance from the server, or even issues with your internet connection. 

Solution: You could try connecting to a server closer to your location.  If the issue persists, check your internet connection for any anomalies. You might want to reboot your router or contact your internet service provider if necessary. 

Server Connection Failed 

If you encounter a message like 'Server connection failed', it could potentially be a matter of the server being full, or it might be undergoing maintenance.

Solution: In this case, waiting for a while and re-attempting connection might solve your issue. You can also check the server status on the aforementioned platforms to ascertain if the server is under maintenance or experiencing downtime. 

Game Crashes on Connection 

Your game crashing as soon as you connect to a server can be incredibly frustrating. This can happen due to outdated game files or potential compatibility issues. 

Solution: Make sure your game is updated to the newest version. If the problem continues, try running the game in compatibility mode or contact the Rust game support. 

Remember, connection issues can usually be sorted out with a little patience and troubleshooting. If you still face persistent issues, reaching out to Rust's Official Support is your best bet. Happy gaming!

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