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Is ESO Servers Down?

Check out the sources below to find out the current status of the Elder Scrolls Online Servers

Knowing the status of the ESO servers can be essential, especially if you want to jump into Tamriel without any unexpected interruptions. In case you're wondering where to get this information, there are a number of reliable official channels. 

Checking the ESO Server Status

Below you'll find the quickest and most effective ways to determine the server status of the Elder Scrolls Online.

The Server Status Page 

The most direct way to check the server status is through this ESO Server Status Page. This page is updated regularly and provides real-time data on the activity of the server, even detailing any ongoing maintenance or outages. 

Official Support Page 

Beyond the server status, the ESO Official Support Page provides additional insights that can help you. It is dedicated to answering frequently asked questions, and providing solutions to common problems players might encounter while trying to connect to the servers. 

Official Twitter Page

One reliable place to check for Elder Scrolls Online server status updates is their official Twitter page. Game developers often use Twitter as an immediate way to communicate vital information to players, and Elder Scrolls Online is no exception. Following them at @TESOnline keeps you in the loop about any planned maintenance or unexpected server shutdowns. 


The Elder Scrolls Online DownDetector collects data from user-reported issues to identify if there's a larger, potentially system-wide problem. Here, you can also see if other users are experiencing similar issues, confirming your suspicions about server downtime, and helping you stay informed. Remember, while it’s a helpful tool, it is not an official ESO source. So, it may be worth cross-checking this information with the other channels described here.


Slightly outdated but still an excellent platform for real-time updates and discussions about the servers: the Elder Scrolls Online Forums. Users from across the globe congregate in these forums to share their own experiences and updates. If you are experiencing issues in connecting with the ESO servers, there's a chance that others are facing the same. Check the recent posts and discussions to gauge if it is an isolated problem or a server-wide issue.

But, the biggest advantage of forums is troubleshooting assistance from seasoned players. If you're unsure about the cause of your connection issues, making a post detailing your problem might get you the help you need. When using forums, be respectful and clear when you communicate your problems to get the best support. 

Discord Server

The Holy Grail of community interaction. Join the Elder Scrolls Online's Discord Server to stay on top of the game's server status. On here, members of the ESO community share real-time updates about server conditions. This platform may contain user-reported issues that official channels have yet to confirm. Hence, it's useful for getting an early heads up about potential server problems. 

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Common ESO Connection issues and Solutions 

To offer you some light in the occasional darkness of interrupted game time, we delve into common connection issues surrounding ESO servers and how to troubleshoot them. 

Login Failure 

In case you're experiencing problems while attempting to log into the game, initially check if the server is down for maintenance. If that's not the case, it might be useful to reset your router, and make sure your username and password are correct. If none of these suggestions help, it might be necessary to contact customer support. 

High Ping Rates 

If you're continually facing high ping rates, the issue might be local to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). To substantiate this, run a speed test to pin down if your network speed is slower than usual. If it is, contact your ISP. But if the speed test results are normal, try hardwiring your console or PC to your router if you're on a wireless connection. It could stabilize your ping rates. 

Disconnection Issues 

Are you frequently getting disconnected while playing ESO? If so, the issue might be due to a lack of bandwidth. Check if other devices at your home are utilizing significant bandwidth. If they are, disconnect those devices and try playing the game. Also, ensure your game's client is up-to-date. Outdated clients are often the cause of frequent disconnections. 

Game Freezes or Crashes 

When ESO freezes or crashes, it could be due to outdated system drivers or game files. Regularly updating your system drivers and game files could stop the game from freezing or crashing. However, if the issue persists, you might need to reinstall the game. 

By understanding these common issues and solutions, you can enhance your gaming experience on ESO. Remember, patience is a virtue when troubleshooting issues. Don't hesitate to reach out to the ESO customer support team if your problems persist, they're there to help! 

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