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Is Monster Hunter: World Servers Down?

Check out the sources below to find out the current status of the Monster Hunter: World Servers

Welcome! This article serves as your quick guide to understanding the current status of the Monster Hunter: World servers. Whether you're experiencing connection issues and need a fix, or you're simply checking on server downtime and maintenance, this article has you covered. We've gathered official and unofficial ways to verify server status, so you can jump back into the game with little delay. Let’s dive in!

Checking MH:W Server Status

Following the URLs we've listed will lead you to both official and unofficial sites where server downtime is frequently reported and analysed. Let's dive in to explore these resources more in-depth.


DownDetector is a reliable third-party service that charts the status of various online services, Monster Hunter: World included. Real-time problem and outage detection is available at DownDetector


For first-hand announcements related to Monster Hunter: World servers, follow their official Twitter page at Monster Hunter Twitter. The feed is usually filled with maintenance schedules, important alerts, and game updates. 


Need help? Capcom's official support page at Capcom Support is packed with information and assistance for troubleshooting any issues or answering any questions you may have. 


Engage with the community of players on Steam. Discuss issues, share experiences, and provide or receive help on the forums at Steam Community Forums


Enter the bustling habitat of fellow hunters on Discord. Instantaneous updates and lively discussion about Monster Hunter: World server status can be found at Monster Hunter Discord Channel

Common Issues and Solutions

Even the finest hunters sometimes come across complications. Let's look at some of the typical issues you might encounter with the Monster Hunter: World servers and, more importantly, how to overcome them. 

Error 5038F-MW1 

One of the most common complaints is the notorious Error 5038F-MW1, which prevents you from connecting with the server. Fear not, as there are a few steps you can take to address this issue: 

  1. Check Your Internet Connection: Sometimes the problem might be as simple as an unstable internet connection. To rule this out, make sure your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection is reliable and stable.
  2. Matchmake on Startup: Often, the error occurs when trying to join a game after logging in. Try using the matchmaking feature right at the beginning when you start the game.
  3. Ensure the Game is Updated: Updates may come with critical bug fixes, so always ensure your game is up-to-date.

Error 83-MW1 

Another common error is 83-MW1, which again hampers connectivity. While it's frustrating, here are some strategies you can apply to bounce back into the action: 

  1. Reset Your Router: Occasionally the router itself may be the root cause. Turn off your router for a few minutes and then restart it.
  2. Leave the Online Session and Rejoin: Simple, but surprisingly effective. Leave the current session and rejoin - it often helps in resetting any connection errors you might be experiencing.

Remember, server-related issues may take some time to resolve, but they're typically sorted out quickly. Keep checking in with the official support pages and online communities. Together, we can get you back on the hunt.

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